Show Me Your Tits, Corin Riggs

Corin Riggs is fucking hot. One problem, I don’t know what her tattys look like. One solution, show me your tatty’s Corin Riggs.

Any chick that can give me a raging boner while wearing a skirt and top deserves to have her boobies be seen (that didn’t make sense, did it?).

Look at them, though! They look so fucking tasty. Stop teasing us Corin, and unleash the beasts!

I want to titty fuck you!!

But, until then, I”ll just jerk off to your cleavage. How fun :\

Shyla Jennings… So Young, So Hot

God damn, Shyla Jennings. I mean… god…. damn. What else can you say about a teen who fucking loves to get naked and stick her fingers deep into her vag?


I bet her vagina smells like turkey out of the oven on Thanksgiving. Which is awesome, because people have called my dick an electric knife. I will cut that vag into pieces of awesome.

Damn, you know it’s a good post, when you beat off while typing it.

Oh, and now I’m getting the sweetest fantasy of Shyla and Karla Spice rubbing muffs.

And… there’s the jizz!

Here are two galleries that will blow your dick off – Link 1, Link 2

Fuck A Stripper

There’s one thing I haven’t done, and it’s fucked a stripper. Well, wait, I have fucked a stripper, I mean, I dated one, but that’s not the same. That’s easy. I’ve had them beat me off in the VIP room, which is easy, too.

But, I’ve never picked up a stripper that night, taken her home and let her fuck me till the poop comes out.

Thankfully, I can beat off to other people’s feats, until I’m able to bring that stripper home. Actually, if you know me, you’ll know I always say make sure to go to her place. In a stripper’s case, that’s absolutely true. You don’t want that level of crazy knowing where you live.

Unfortunately, you won’t see how he’s able to get this stripper home, since he goes from asking “Have you ever been in a music video,” to getting his dicked sucked. Actually, maybe I’ll try that next time.

Check out more of Hannah Harper here, here and here.

MyFreeCams – Say Bye to Your Day

When I found out about MyFreeCams my productivity increased 40%. Unless, of course, you don’t consider beating off to cam girls productive. Lucky for us, I do.

MyFreeCams absolutely rules. I don’t think I’ve ever seen less than 500 girls online at once, and you can find some fucking gems.

I clicked in a room the other day, and found a girl fingerbanging so hard she started squirting all over her bed. This is what we should be watching at work!

Check out some of my favorites – SweetBabyToy, MelissaM, Jade_Fox and, of course, the super fucking hot TaliaShepard.

Y’all have a great weekend. Fuck everybody!!

Joanna and the Burning Angels

How has Joanna Angel not started a band by this name?

As y’all know, nothing gets are dicks dancing better than Alt Girls, and Joanna is the queen of Alt Girls. Joanna isn’t just another pornstar, either. She’s a fucking legend. Not only does she direct and star in her shit, but she is the brains behind the Burning Angels, the internet’s leading AltGirl sites.

Oh, wait… did I mention that she’s fucking hot as hell? Beating off to Joanna is a damn treat.

I tell you what though… Joanna can’t steal lemons for shit.

Catch Joanna up in Vegas at the XFanz Show June 10-11th, too.

Why Aren’t You Reading James Deen’s Blog?

Cause you should be. James Deen is the guy you’ve never heard of, but have always had the unfortunate pleasure of blowing your load to at the worst moment when his dick appears on screen (Noo… no…. splurg!).

There is nothing I hate worse than blowing my load when a dude’s peen takes center stage. It’s like a failed beat session.

Speaking of, every morning in San Francisco, I pass The Beat Museum. It’s on Broadway and is for The Beat Generation of Kerouac, Ginsberg, etc. I laugh, shit you not, every fucking time I pass The Beat Museum. And, the fact that there was an entire generation dedicated to Beating fucking slays me.

What was I talking about? Oh, read James Deen’s blog. It’s genius and he posts photos of his dick inside of pornstars.

Jerk Off Girl of the Day… Bryci

Tell me you know who Bryci is. Seriously, just tell me. No? Well, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you hate hot naked chicks? I don’t get it.

While most chicks swim in the kiddie level at the pool, Bryci is diving poon deep off the high dive. (That means she’s fucking crazy hot, by the way.)

For reasons unknown to me, I get really excited when I pull it to Bryci. It’s like my dick is attending a concert for the first time. There’s buying the ticket, the anticipation, the event, then the encore (you can’t just beat once to Bryci, you know).

Now what are you waiting for, check out Bryci’s amazing, naked body and get to whacking.

(For an extra treat – Beat here)


It takes a fucking lot to get me excited on a Monday morning. But, a dude that shits while getting a blowjob is definitely up on that list.

My only concern with a blumpkin, is that I usually pee when I drop a load. Is that just me?

I love Frou Schmidt’s reaction when Dirk drops a schei├če while gettin’ head.

Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing at this video.

Guten tag, Germany.

GF Revenge! Amateur Overload

I don’t know what it is about amateur’s that I love so much. Maybe it’s that I know there hasn’t been a 15″ dick in everyone of her holes. Because they haven’t meet me… WHUUUUUT (right… moving on…)

And, I love young, hot college chicks naked. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Also, GF Revenge has given me a new fetish, naked chicks wearing baseball caps. I had no idea how effin’ hot that is.

So, what is GFRevenge? Well, you can get paid for submitting photos or videos of your ex girlfriend. Get paid $100 for a photo or a $1,000 for a video?

Wait, you don’t have photos of your ex’s? Then beat off to other dude’s throwaways!