Milk gone Wild…

I’ve seen some fucked up shit in my day. Especially when it comes to porn. I mean I look at it all day everyday, for work of course. But today I came across something that totally fucked me up. You know that feeling when you’re watching this hot girl suck a cock. And it’s really turning you on. You pull it out and are jacking off to it. Then she stands up and starts taking off her clothes. And OOOPS out pops her big massive dick. I hate that feeling.

Well I got that feeling this morning when I came across Milk Gone Wild. At first when i saw it I thought it was just another spoof of Girls Gone Wild. More boobs. Just what the world needs. But then I watched the allegedly banned super bowl commercial and I felt a lil wierd. I mean I was getting a little excited when I saw a couple of hotties getting ready to lift up their shirts. Especially this one hot asian girl that looked like she was hiding a turkey in the top of her shirt. Then she lifted it up only to reveal some fucking utters. Don’t get me wrong. An utter can be hot. WAIT…what the fuck am I talking about? No it can’t. Sorry. I was smoking crack. Check out the video from Milk Gone Wild.

Posted by CrackaAss

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