Almost Naked Starbucks…


You know how your starbucks always has a super hot girl working.  That one that you look forward to seeing everyday.  Sometimes she even gives you a smile, and the dirty eye.  And you jack off to the idea of fucking her all week.  Yeah that girl.  Well at Cowgirl’s Espresso in Seatle they are taking your hot coffee winch fantasy to another level.  At the Cowgirl Espresso you wont see girls wearing white button ups and green aprons.  No you’ll see them wearing hot lingerie, bikinis, maybe even a sexy cop outfit if you come on the right day.

Check out these hot photos of the chicks who will be making my coffee everyday from now on.

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  1. Zach Says:

    There is also the Bikini Bottom Espresso in Tacoma that does the same. The first time I went there one of the the girls titties popped out of her top. It was sweet, and by sweet I mean totally cool.

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