Girl of the Week…Valentina Vaughn

Valentina Vaughn

Sappinin, sex-bots? I feel that it is my privilege, nay, my duty to bring you the hottest chicks around. How did I get so lucky? Well, I like hot, naked chicks. I’m not sure when my fascination with hot, naked chicks started, but I am sure it happened around the time of birth. I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to sexy, naked chicks. So, I’m Toph, and I will bring you the hottest chicks every week. I believe in you. Make it happen.

This is Valentina Vaughn. She first caught my eye when she posed on a pool table. I’m not even sure what she is. Mexican? Asian? Who cares, because she’s fuckin’ hot. There is something about a chick getting naked in a kitchen that makes me happy, maybe it has something to do with the kitchen being a clean, family environment. Then a little hottie goes in and splashes milk all over her and I can’t help myself. Thank god for kitchen porn.

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3 Responses to “Girl of the Week…Valentina Vaughn”

  1. zini Says:

    “She is an avid fan of guns, but due to one of her arrests, she is unable to get a gun license.”

    My kind of lady!

  2. CrackaAss Says:

    If she’s your kind of lady…then be sure to check out these hotties that are also into guns.

  3. zini Says:

    Haha, yes! So unnecessary. The gun phallus. I bet there’s vids of chicks actually getting off with guns as well. Welcome to bizarro world.

    In fact, these days, bizarro world is where nobody gets themselves off with hand guns, and where chicks don’t have fish flying out of there butt. The lines were crossed a long time ago.

    I bet bizarro world is one hell of a dull place to live these days.

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