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Clit bigger than Chyna’s…

We’ve all seen that mini dick clit that former Wrestling star Chyna is carrying around.  Especially after her stint in porn.  I thought I’d never see anything crazier than that, and that it had to be because of the steroids and how big and muscular she was.

Chyna Clit

But then today I found a site called brazilian facials.  And what do I see?  A monster penis clit that is carried by a really hot brazilian woman.


WTF is going on?  How would you feel if you were fucking this hot chick you just met in brazil, and you felt a little penis rubbing on yours as you were jamming your cock in her wet pussy?  Freaks me out to even think about it.  But check out these videos.

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General Tso’s Hoes…

General Tso's Hoes

You all know I have an asian fetish, but you may not know that I fucking love chicken.  I know you’re thinking…WTF?  But I really love me some chicken.  So today I got sent General Tso’s Hoes.  I land on the homepage and what do I see.  Hot naked asian chicks…which is normal.  But sitting like a god amongst his pornstar slaves…was a big plate of chicken.  It’s so fucking random it’s perfect.  I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE.  There are other asian porn lovers who also enjoy chicken.  Does that mean I’m not weird, or that there are just some really fucked up people like me out there?  Whatever.  Check out some new asian porn at General Tso’s Hoes.  And if that’s not enough you can check out the Kung Pao PussyMr Chews Asian Beaver, and/or  Kung Foo Bitches

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Ladies Slurp The Vote

If you love blow jobs, you should check out Vote daily on which girl gives a better blow job. You can leave comments on the different models, help pornstars reach their 15 min of fame, and find endless links re: the art of fellatio. Not only can you vote, but they give suggestions on what positions provide better blowjobs. Now that’s the type of info you want to pass along to the girlfriend/wife-y.
Are you a fucking moron too?
Nearly everything is available for free. The creators of this battle have hundreds of other adult voting sites in their network. I highly suggest checking out boobiebattle, thongbattle, hardcorebattle, and asianbattle. That should keep you busy at work this week. Happy Monday! xoxo

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