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Fuck A Stripper

There’s one thing I haven’t done, and it’s fucked a stripper. Well, wait, I have fucked a stripper, I mean, I dated one, but that’s not the same. That’s easy. I’ve had them beat me off in the VIP room, which is easy, too.

But, I’ve never picked up a stripper that night, taken her home and let her fuck me till the poop comes out.

Thankfully, I can beat off to other people’s feats, until I’m able to bring that stripper home. Actually, if you know me, you’ll know I always say make sure to go to her place. In a stripper’s case, that’s absolutely true. You don’t want that level of crazy knowing where you live.

Unfortunately, you won’t see how he’s able to get this stripper home, since he goes from asking “Have you ever been in a music video,” to getting his dicked sucked. Actually, maybe I’ll try that next time.

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