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Shyla Jennings… So Young, So Hot

God damn, Shyla Jennings. I mean… god…. damn. What else can you say about a teen who fucking loves to get naked and stick her fingers deep into her vag?


I bet her vagina smells like turkey out of the oven on Thanksgiving. Which is awesome, because people have called my dick an electric knife. I will cut that vag into pieces of awesome.

Damn, you know it’s a good post, when you beat off while typing it.

Oh, and now I’m getting the sweetest fantasy of Shyla and Karla Spice rubbing muffs.

And… there’s the jizz!

Here are two galleries that will blow your dick off – Link 1, Link 2

Mobile Jerk Off

I think we underrate how awesome living today is. I mean, I’ve showed you guys some of my favorite porn TwitPics, which are awesome. Today I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite mobile porn sites. Seriously, how awesome is our life?

There’s nothing sweeter than sneaking off into the bathroom while at your memaw’s place and beating off into her kitten towels. Well, fine, there are a lot of things better than that. In fact, dude, that’s kind of weird that you’re cleaning it with your memaw’s kitten towels. Maybe you should use a kleenex or something?

Brazzers Mobile – Endless videos to jerk it to. Brazzers will have you beatin’ for years. You can get access to over 25 sites with Brazzers Mobile. Hit up BrazzersMobile.com.

Skin Video – Become a member and get shittons of videos, photos, vods and, really, anything you can possibly beat to. Just go to SkinVideo.com/iphone

Bang Bros – Effin’ hot chicks getting fucked. Done and Done. Check out Mobile.BangBrosNetwork.com

Pornzio Mobile – Of course, if you’re looking for solid mobile content, head over to Pornzio.com on your phone, the best porn mobile search around. (Pornzio.com/blog, if you actually want to access the blog)

And, because this is all a little too informative… here’s Shyla Jennings!!