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“…But Above All I’d Like To Thank God”

Miss Tennessee won Miss USA 2007 just now. She looks just slightly more conservative than our last drunken winner. The highlight of the event was the speech by Tara Conner (Miss USA 2006) on her way out. First off, she forgot to wear a bra. …which is awesome. She came out wearing a form fitting red dress and pranced around with her breasts flopping about. She had a Vaseline smile as they played a pre-recorded tape of her mentioning how she owed her life to Donald Trump. …thanking him over and over for giving her a “second chance“. bah!

I hate that her last pretty moment as a spokeswoman was spent apologizing. She’s smokin and was acting her fucking age! Pretty girls should never have to say that they’re sorry. Just my 2 cents, I suppose.

Here’s hoping that Tara Conner ends up in Playboy and that Miss Tennessee gets her drink on. Cheers!

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GAYVN Awards and Afterparty

GAYVN is being hosted in San Francisco this year. Not only is it in my back yard, but it’s being hosted by none other but Kathy Griffin. *sigh* It’s really too bad she didn’t go lesbo after that asshat stole $$ from her. Anyhoo…

Kathy Griffin is one hot irish piece of ass!
If you’re going to be in town, the GAYVN Awards are on February 24th. The red carpet is being hosted by the fabulous Tim & Roma (of NakedSword). Some of you remember me posting about their fabulous talk show back in the day.

Speaking of NakedSword, they’re hosting the GAYVN Afterparty at the Porn Palace. It will include dancers from Falcon Studios and Rascal Video. Chi Chi LaRue will be the dee-jaying for the evening. And clearly you’ll all come to party with muoi. Hellooooo!

Seriously. Don’t snooze on this one. It will be a night to remember. I’m going to start the evening off by trying to bang Kathy and end it dancing with the hottest gay boys ever. It’ll be just like prom!

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