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Jerk Off Girl of the Day… Bryci

Tell me you know who Bryci is. Seriously, just tell me. No? Well, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you hate hot naked chicks? I don’t get it.

While most chicks swim in the kiddie level at the pool, Bryci is diving poon deep off the high dive. (That means she’s fucking crazy hot, by the way.)

For reasons unknown to me, I get really excited when I pull it to Bryci. It’s like my dick is attending a concert for the first time. There’s buying the ticket, the anticipation, the event, then the encore (you can’t just beat once to Bryci, you know).

Now what are you waiting for, check out Bryci’s amazing, naked body and get to whacking.

(For an extra treat – Beat here)

Havana Ginger, What’s Areolas in Spanish?

I know how much you bustas love areolas, so I thought I’d draw your attention to in the incomparable, Havana Ginger.

I can’t help but to get boners to this sexy latina and her DD tits. I bet her areolas taste like Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas. MMmmmm… Mexican Pizza.

Have fun beating to these fun bags!

Also check out Susie Sparks giant areolas HERE!

Eva Angelina, My Dick Loves You

If there’s one chick who, hands down, every time makes my dick point North, it’s Eva Angelina. She’s ball-dropping hot, sucks a mean dick and has a vagina that’s unlocked 4 mysteries of the world.

She actually left porn in for a bit (eff you, boyfriend), went to school and worked at Macaroni Grill in SoCal.

How she hasn’t made this into a film yet, is beyond me. Who doesn’t want to see Eva in a sexy Macaroni Grill uniform getting plowed by everyone from the busboys to her shift manager.

And, what if you’re working at Macaroni Grill at that time? Is there anyway you can live with yourself if you didn’t fuck her? Of course not. Well, lucky for the rest of us, we can continue to beat to her whenever we’d like. Never leave us again, Eva.

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I Miss Linsey Dawn McKenzie

What happened to Linsey Dawn McKenzie after she had a breast reduction (36HH down to a 36DD)? I miss that foxy British babe. I want new photos, videos, lesbian trysts, and blog posts from her. Natural breasts like Linsey’s will never be forgotten. …but she meant so much more to me than just squishy pillows.

Here’s a photo to jugg jog your mamory memory…
Baby, you were never just boobs to me! You mean more to me than squishy pillows...

Crave more of Linsey? Me, too! I want at least one site update from her. I need it. Baby, please give me just a little current content…pleaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee Your fans are sad. In the meantime, here are some older videos of her sweet fucking body that you can see for free.

Bonus: Watch this hardcore video of Ms. McKenzie here.

Miyabi Isshiki’s Hypnotic Boob Dance

Do you like Japanese girls? What about Japanese gravure idol’s with humongous breasts? I saw this fucking video of Miyabi Isshiki playing with her boobs and my mouth was open the entire time. um, er…. There’s no way to explain it without sharing, so here you go.

Click for Video: Miyabi Isshiki Rubs and bounces Huge Boobs for 9 fucking awesome minutes!

If you like what you see, you may be interested in checking out all her non nude DVDs (Mix Juice, Boob!, Boobs Beat, and Meromeron). Make sure your DVD player can play international formats before you purchase.

Here are some free Miyabi Isshiki boob lover videos to get your Friday really pumping: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

Does Eden Enjoy Lesbian Sex?

Please tell me that Eden (of Garden of Eden) loves lesbian sex! I just watched one of her videos and it left my head spinning. This thread is useless without pics, so here you go…
omg let me lick your pussy as you suck on your own breasts!!!

God damn it, I love every ounce of that woman’s body. Her site is mostly softcore, focusing on her soft squishy pillows. Watch her run up and down stairs until her boobs fall out of her top. Enjoy her licking her own breasts without any neck strain. See her take 2 scrumptious minutes lifting her heavy breasts out of her bra cups. It’s just too much for me to handle. I’m so obsessed with curvy women.
oh baby it's so cold outside...let me snuggle deep between your breasts!!!

Dude. Her breasts weigh over 16 pounds (that’s a double H cup, folks)!!!

Tiffany Towers Lesbian Pretzel Fuck

Tiffany Towers is mostly known for her being the hot blonde with the huge breasts. Today I’d like us all to take a moment to appreciate her flexible little body. This is what I call “lesbian pretzel fuck.”

And if that was me fucking her…I’d nibble on her clit until she was screaming and then dildo her in that very same position. Not to brag, but I’m sure I could get her to squirt.

If you’re having similar fantasies about the busty Tiffany Towers, check out these retro sets and vids for free. You can thank your favorite lesbian later. Happy Tuesday! xoxo



I miss school. I never got to go a Catholic School, but lucky for me I had plenty of sluts to go around. I miss being able to skip 2nd period because I was fucking in the science lab. That’s when I garnered the obsession with skirts. I would pull my dick out of my pants, and she would move her panties off to the side. I would slide right in, and I would cum in a petrie dish. I was once told that this chick examined my gizz under a microscope, and 9 months later she became pregnant. I don’t think it was a coincidence. One thing inevitably leads to another, and every Friday I was banging cheerleaders. I loved when they wore their outfits to school and Friday was game day. Man, maybe I need to go back to school. Can I go get a second high school diploma? Is that possible? I should probably just stick to finding high school seniors on myspace… Anyhow, here’s all you need to get you through to the end of the semester. Enjoy.


American Idol’s Antonella Barba…



Yes, the girl of the week is American Idol’s Antonella Barba. The internet has been buzzing today with news of this beauty’s naked photo’s popping up everywhere. You didn’t think she wouldn’t pop up on Pornzio, did you? Come on! I live for hot naked teens. For the past few weeks, I have been itching to beat to her, and thankfully I don’t have to worry about Randy Jackson popping up anymore. It looks like she sucks a mean cock, too! Enjoy this New Jersey hoe! She now has my vote, I don’t care how awful her singing is.

Note: Everyone is on this shit right now, so it may take a while….


*thanks to and for being amazing.