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Why Aren’t You Reading James Deen’s Blog?

Cause you should be. James Deen is the guy you’ve never heard of, but have always had the unfortunate pleasure of blowing your load to at the worst moment when his dick appears on screen (Noo… no…. splurg!).

There is nothing I hate worse than blowing my load when a dude’s peen takes center stage. It’s like a failed beat session.

Speaking of, every morning in San Francisco, I pass The Beat Museum. It’s on Broadway and is for The Beat Generation of Kerouac, Ginsberg, etc. I laugh, shit you not, every fucking time I pass The Beat Museum. And, the fact that there was an entire generation dedicated to Beating fucking slays me.

What was I talking about? Oh, read James Deen’s blog. It’s genius and he posts photos of his dick inside of pornstars.

Belladonna Will Not Be Starring In Anymore B/G Hardcore

She's got a great looking ASSHOLE!

Before you start crying, please know that Belladonna is NOT LEAVING the business! She is concerned about all the medical risks involved with being a hardcore pornstar. She’s relatively clean (minus herpes), and she’d rather call it a day while that’s still the case.

She wrote this VERY personal message on her myspace blog today:

“I will no longer be performing with other people. I’ll still be doing solo scenes for extras on my movies and also directing, dancing and signings.

This is really a big decision for me and it hurts me in some ways, but the way I look at… it’s time to let me body relax. I just don’t want to risk getting Herpes all over my body, or in my eyes, or genital warts or even HIV Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the business, I’m just not going to be performing in front of the camera anymore. I know that is why a lot of you are my fans, but I hope you continue to be a fan of my work directing and behind the camera in the years to come. I can’t thank you all enough for supporting my career throughout the years! And I’ll still be here telling you all about my adventures in life and all of the other really hot guys and girls I’ve been shooting. So don’t go anywhere yet, I have much more in store for you.”

I feel honored to have watched her career blossom in this way. Something tells me that Belladonna’s going to make one hell of a porn director.

She's got a great looking ASSHOLE!

Here are some free hardcore videos featuring the amazing Belladonna: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. If you like what you see, check out Bella Loves Jenna. It’s a rather perfect way to celebrate 2 ex pornstars who made a huge impact on the biz.

Pornzio’s Cam Model Fansign Battle Continues

As if Olivia and Chloe’s fansign love wasn’t enough, the Miss Femme also gave us some love. I think it’s safe to say that her ample rack made my Friday. Thanks, Femme.

Be sure to bookmark so you won’t miss the conclusion of this sexy cam battle.

And for the ass lovers, check out the backside…

If you want to see her spank that ass, check out her blog or see her on cam now.

Crissy Moran found Jesus

Crissy Moran is one hot pornstar. If this is not a publicity stunt, I may cry. Crissy posted on her myspace blog that she’s getting out of the porn business.

What breaks my heart even more is that everyone who posted comments on her blog are jesus freaks. …complimenting her on this beautiful escape from the devil. Why can’t Crissy do porn and go to church?

I’m just going to post the letter she wrote here, and let you take from it what you will. Meanwhile, I’m going to go grab the box of tissues….

I want to thank all of you for your support throughout the years. My website forum is very active with over 1,000 members as is my website. I must be honest though I have made a living off of all of you for long enough. I want to set you free! Let me explain a bit. Many of you may have seen my last few diary entries on my website and if you have not I addressed some of my concerns with the adult industry. I felt have been feeling very sad for girls who are in porn who are strung out on drugs, their souls are lost, and they are doing unimaginable things with whoever and waking up one day and wondering where their lives went or even worse ending up dead. I have been reading gossip forums for a couple of years and I also know some of these girls that porn is destroying. I have been in porn for 6 years and I have witnessed first hand a gorgeous womans looks fade along with her soul. It really breaks my heart.

A lot of you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. You guys know I didn’t do a lot of what I am speaking of because I stuck to the softer side of porn (seems weird to say that). The thing is even girls who do the softer side of porn sometimes lose themselves. Some become strippers and a lot of girls who do the softer stuff escort. Many of the girls have been victims of abuse sometime in their lifetime and are just looking for love and acceptance (like me).

My eyes were recently opened to the total destruction porn does. Not only does it hurt the girls in the business but it hurts you the consumer. Porn does not discriminate. Sex/porn addiction is preventing many people from finding true happiness in their lives. I know because I have spoken to so many of you through the years by email and message exchanges. Many of you spoke to me about your wives, your lonlieness, your dreams, and many of you looked to me for all the answers. I always tried to be careful when answering because I always realized that you are a person just like me who wants love and acceptance. I have gone through times when the guilt was so bad I just didn’t answer at all hence my many hiatuses.

This will be the last time I leave all of you hanging.

Many of you know that my boyfriend and I broke up a couple of months ago but don’t know why. I will explain some of that at a later time. Let’s just say the effects of the adult business took a hit on my personal life.

I have decided that I want to be free from all of the guilt now. I am making great money doing what I do but the money is not making me happy. I have moved into my own place now for the first time all alone and have decided I want out of the business. I have so much more to offer to the world than my looks and body. These things will fade. I want to experience true real life happiness. I know a lot of you will think I have lost my mind but I think that will only be the ones of you who never really knew me. I have decided to go back to my one true love who is Jesus. You may or may not believe in him and well I am not here to judge you. I am just here to share with you my story if you are willing to listen.

My website is still up for now and I have yet to discuss these things with my webmasters. I am not sure what will happen in that respect. I am looking for legal counseling and any help I can get. It will be gone soon enough though. I will be posting here on my myspace page everything going on in my life until then.

I ask you to forgive me for entering into your lives and stripping you from the more important things in life like finding true love, happiness, and your families.


If you want to remember the good ol days, check out these Crissy Moran galleries.

Smart Sexperts Make My Pussy Wet

I need to dedicate this post to all the foxy sexperts who have made an impact on my life. I didn’t end up on this road to positive pornography all on my own. I read their sex books early on in life, and I owe them some serious gratitude.

They helped with coming out, fucking, respecting my pussy, and navigating through various sexual politics. Without further ado, here’s a short list of queer sexperts that kick ass.

  1. Annie Sprinkle
    • Check out her Official Site, Wikipedia Career Summary
    • Pic from my favorite sex performance piece “A Public Cervix Announcement.” Miss Sprinkle let people walk up and take a close look at her vagina through a speculum; in an attempt to “demystify the female body.” Yes. Gaping is informative!
  2. Susie Bright
  3. Carol Queen

Buy their sex education books and/or videos for your girlfriend if you want to take your sexual life to the next level. You can learn a lot from bisexual sexperts. I promise. xoxo

Vintage Smoking

I’m not a huge fan of the new wave of smoking sites. None of them compare to the old school smoking photographs. I love vintage girls with natural breasts…wrapped in difficult undergarments…looking glamorous with cigarette holders.

If I’ve peeked your curiosity for free vintage cuties, check out these blogs. If you’re interested in larger archives of vintage videos and erotica, check out this, this, and this.

Hot Porn Blog I Can’t Read…

Most of my day has been wasted because of this new site I found today called MachoMedia. It’s in german or russian or some damn language I can’t read, but I’m still just hooked. It’s nothing but hot high rez photos of porn shoots, conventions, people just fucking on stages, it’s just hot shit. And the high rez photos part is what is really doing it for me. Cause there’s not just a couple of them. There are thousands. Just take a look at this Random Event where some chick fucks a couple of guys. There has to be around 300 photos of just this one fuck fest. All I know is it’s worth the look. Just keep clicking and you’ll find hot shit around every corner. I gotta go find some more random language porn.

Check out Macho Media

Fleshbot gets a Face Lift…

If you don’t know you’re really missing out. It’s by far one of the best sex, porn, freaky shit, and fun shit blog on the internet. And that’s saying a lot since Pornzio is a the same. I give them their props though. The only downside I’ve ever had about was their design. But today they’ve launched their new design. Not sure if this is a test or if it’s staying for good, but it’s there.
Check them out.

Sometimes you want some bush…

As much as I say I hate me some pubes. I keep finding myself looking at vintage pinups that are sporting a massive bush. It’s mesmerizing. It’s like a magical hairy wizard putting a spell on me. Honestly I think this shit is hot. Sometimes.

I mean we see enough plastic women in the porn industry. Sometimes it’s hot to see a real woman that has a lil sag on her chi chi’s. I put together a ghetto gallery showing off photos from a couple of hot vintage porn sites I love. Martha’s Girls and Retro Raunch. Hope you like.

Retro Raunch
Martha’s Girls

Fucking Machines for Christmas…

My favorite day is saturday. I love saturday cause of my weekly morning time activity. I wake up,give a lil stretch, go to the kitchen, pour a bowl of cheerios, sit down, turn on my cartoons, and then put my dick in my girl’s mouth. There is nothing better than just sitting there enjoying my cereal and my cartoons, and getting pleasure at the same time. I mean it’s right up there with getting a massage and getting jacked off at the same time. You can’t beat doing nothing at all and still getting to cum.

This weekend I started to feel a lil bad that my girl was giving me this pleasure, and I wasn’t giving her anything in return. So it got me thinking. What can I do for her…that she can just sit there and do nothing…and it still get her off. Nothing came to mind until this morning. When I ran across a magnificent site called Fucking Machines. When you see it you’ll know what I’m talking about, but it’s perfect. I can buy her a chair that she can sit next to me while I’m watching my cartoons and be getting rammed by a massive dildo. And all without me sacrificing my cheerios. Love it.

It’s like that machine is just rocking her to sleep.

Screaming is a good thing.

This looks like a super soaker 5000 machine gun. I want one.

So check out some machines ramming things into tight pussies and making them scream
Fucking Machines

There are also a few galleries of fucking machines in the Video and Image pages of pornzio as well. Check em out.