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Fuck A Stripper

There’s one thing I haven’t done, and it’s fucked a stripper. Well, wait, I have fucked a stripper, I mean, I dated one, but that’s not the same. That’s easy. I’ve had them beat me off in the VIP room, which is easy, too.

But, I’ve never picked up a stripper that night, taken her home and let her fuck me till the poop comes out.

Thankfully, I can beat off to other people’s feats, until I’m able to bring that stripper home. Actually, if you know me, you’ll know I always say make sure to go to her place. In a stripper’s case, that’s absolutely true. You don’t want that level of crazy knowing where you live.

Unfortunately, you won’t see how he’s able to get this stripper home, since he goes from asking “Have you ever been in a music video,” to getting his dicked sucked. Actually, maybe I’ll try that next time.

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Face Down Ass Up University

Face down, ass up… that is the way I like to fuck. 2 Live Crew was so right, but not as right as Face Down Ass Up University.

Pretty novel concept, really. Just get a bunch of smokin’ hot co-eds to get naked in their dorm rooms.

Fuck, I miss college so much. This was pretty much every day for me at the Baptist college I attended. Wait…

Let’s all enroll in FDAU University!

Ugly Needs Love, too.


Every week I try to bring you guys the hottest girl on the internet, and I’m pretty proud of how well I do it. I mean, I beat to my own post. Actually, when writing, if I don’t beat to it, then I’m not going to post it. I wouldn’t want to do you that disservice. We’re here to keep you whacking. Well, on most days, that is. All is relatively slow in the hot girl world today. I haven’t seen many new chicks that I should alert you about, so instead, I’m bringing you some ugly ones. Why? Think of it as training. We can’t all go home with the hottest chicks, so you have to prepare for the ugly ones. I don’t want you get the wrong idea here. I’m not giving you atrociously horrendous chicks. Wouldn’t that be fucked up? (and kind of funny for me) No, I’m bringing you chicks that are like, “Damn, you’re ugly. You shouldn’t be ugly, though. Why are you ugly? It doesn’t make sense. Here, let me beat to you and see if you’re ugly. Yep, you’re ugly, but I’d fuck you.” I’ve actually had this happen many times in life. With that said, enjoy the ugos.

ugo3 ugo4 ugo5 ugo6

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I miss school. I never got to go a Catholic School, but lucky for me I had plenty of sluts to go around. I miss being able to skip 2nd period because I was fucking in the science lab. That’s when I garnered the obsession with skirts. I would pull my dick out of my pants, and she would move her panties off to the side. I would slide right in, and I would cum in a petrie dish. I was once told that this chick examined my gizz under a microscope, and 9 months later she became pregnant. I don’t think it was a coincidence. One thing inevitably leads to another, and every Friday I was banging cheerleaders. I loved when they wore their outfits to school and Friday was game day. Man, maybe I need to go back to school. Can I go get a second high school diploma? Is that possible? I should probably just stick to finding high school seniors on myspace… Anyhow, here’s all you need to get you through to the end of the semester. Enjoy.


She HATES cum!!!


I’ve dated those prude girls before. You know the ones that you have to beg to go down on you, would never let you even touch the outside of their butthole, and that gag even at the thought of tasting your cum. Yeah well for some reason now that I’m older I forgot those kinda girls existed. Especially in this “the more whore I am the more people will like me” world we live in. So when I saw this video it brought back a lot of memories. Memories of chick’s I hated and wanted to skull fuck….but still. Memories.

She hates cum Video

Girl of the Week… Planet Katie


I have got to find the planet that Katie lives on. Is there a ship that takes me there? Can I drive there? Do I need a passport to get there? What ever it takes, I will be willing to do it, because I have got to fuck Planet Katie. It doesn’t matter what she does or wears, because she is so damn hot. I like to think of her as every man’s dream or at the very least, my dream. She can be blond, brunette, an office slut, a schoolgirl whore, a sexy nurse, just wearing a skirt and thong, or jeans and a tee shirt, and it doesn’t fuckin’ matter. She’s like a sexy chameleon. I’m usually not one to want to fuck reptiles, with the exception of when I saw Mario Bros. the movie, but I don’t mind what Katie is doing… ever. Wait… yeah, remember Mario Bros. the movie? Well there was one chick in Dinohattan that was so damn hot. I wanted to fuck her until she shed her lizard skin. Yes, I was in the 6th grade when it came out, but I was an early bloomer. I thought I should clear that up for you. Anyhow, I present you with the hotness known as Planet Katie. She’s special, and you should beat to her. I’m going to do that……… now.


Vote For Your Favorite Cam Babe

Miss Femme sent in this sweet pic of her in a sailor costume. She makes me want to dress up like a pirate and steal that booty asap. Am I wrong?

It looks her girlfriend, Chloe, had a similar idea…

Leave a comment to vote for your favorite cam hottie! If you want to see more of these girls, check out their myspace profile.

Meet Ruth…

I know it’s going to be a good day when as soon as I sit down at my computer someone sends me a link to a hot ass lesbian with her mouth wrapped around a clit. What could be better?. Well I mean the only thing that could make that better is if she was asian, but we can’t always get what we want (all the time). So today we’re talking about Ruth. Ruth is a girl that likes what she does and aint afraid to tell ole dad that’s letting chicks lick her clean for a living. I like her already. Here’s a little more info about our girl:

I was born in the Midlands of the UK and lived there until I turned 18 and took myself off to University in Sheffield. There I studied Russian and Philosophy with extra modules in French until I discovered the evils of porn a year and a half later. At 19 I did my first porn shoot to help fund my way through Uni… I was previously working as an elf in a Santas grotto for cash however Santa fired me once Christmas was over (no joke!). I eventually got some extra work recruiting hot chicks for and combined with modelling, after a while, the full time lure of porn was too much and I left Uni eventually moving to London. I now live with another model named Cassie and a bloke (who I won’t name in case he minds), which means I pay super low rent in a super funky appartment.

My parents know entirely all that I do, although they haven’t seen any of my adult stuff they are thoroughly supportive. They’re lovely and I consider myself super lucky. I’m in no way ashamed of what I do and resent the implication that I should be. However – at the same time – I don’t tell everyone I meet what I do in a “Hi, I’m Ruth, I do porn”, kinda way.

I haven’t been able to find too much on her but I did find this gallery and some hot wallpaper for your desktop.

All Beautiful Women Read Pornzio

Ok. I’m overwhelmed with the beautiful photographs that were sent in by our kick ass readers. ….who all are all foxy babes, apparently.

This submission is from Crish of CWH. If you like hot skinny blondes, Crish is your BCFF (Best Cam Friend Forever). You can tell that she’s a real blonde by the peach fuzz on the small of her back.

Sweet Jesus, I love my job. Thank you for reading Pornzio, Crish! xoxo

Extreme Sophia (my ass)…

Extreme Sophia

When I hear “extreme” I think of mountain dew. All of those crazy x game wannabe commercials with people sky diving, bungee jumping, and doing flips on bikes. So when I clicked the link to Extreme Sophia, I had crazy expectations. Cause the photo above does not scream anything about extreme to me. Maybe it’s extreme when someone has 4 cocks in them at one time, but to me it’s all about the facial expression. When you’re extreme you need to be screaming or at least have your mouth wide open at all times. I hope you’re taking notes. Anyway, if you’re into four studs over for a rough blowbang, taking turns ramming their cocks down her throat until she begs for them all to cum in her mouth and on her face at the same time. Then this site is for you, but if you’re looking for Xgames extreme and chicks skydiving while giving head. Then I hate to be the barer of bad news but you’re going to have to go here.

Check out Extreme Sophia