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On My Period…

Normally I like to show you guys stuff that’s funny or super fucking hot, but today I have to change that up. I mean when I see a new kind of porn…regardless if you can’t jack off to it…I have the duty to show it to you. If you haven’t figured it out from the title…On My Period consist of porn movies and photos of (pornstar/bleeder) May Ling Su “flowing.” I had seen photos of this stuff before but mostly as a gag. These are full on movies that you can buy. Not to mention her photos and videos have been showcased at some art galleries in New York City. Here’s a brief recap of her description of the site:

When I began this project, I used the OB brand of tampon. The cotton string that dangled out of my vagina reminded me of a tail, giving birth to Devil Girl, the first of the personae that emerged on my period.

Raised in a Catholic environment, I was made well aware of “the devil” that lurked waiting to consume my innocence. The beginning of my menstrual flow marked my awareness of sex, questioning religious and societal norms, and the formation of my own identity. An external force when I was a child, “the devil” grew inside me as I bled monthly.

Umm…this devil bith bleeds like you wouldn’t imagine and then spreads wide and lets you see it all. Umm…I don’t know what else to say except to check out On My Period

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