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MyFreeCams – Say Bye to Your Day

When I found out about MyFreeCams my productivity increased 40%. Unless, of course, you don’t consider beating off to cam girls productive. Lucky for us, I do.

MyFreeCams absolutely rules. I don’t think I’ve ever seen less than 500 girls online at once, and you can find some fucking gems.

I clicked in a room the other day, and found a girl fingerbanging so hard she started squirting all over her bed. This is what we should be watching at work!

Check out some of my favorites – SweetBabyToy, MelissaM, Jade_Fox and, of course, the super fucking hot TaliaShepard.

Y’all have a great weekend. Fuck everybody!!

Vote For Your Favorite Cam Babe

Miss Femme sent in this sweet pic of her in a sailor costume. She makes me want to dress up like a pirate and steal that booty asap. Am I wrong?

It looks her girlfriend, Chloe, had a similar idea…

Leave a comment to vote for your favorite cam hottie! If you want to see more of these girls, check out their myspace profile.

Hot Babes Continue to Read Pornzio

Yes. Smokin babes all over the world jerk off to Pornzio! Remember my hot girl cam battle a couple of months ago? Well feast your eyes on these new pics…

While the CamWithHer babes were in Houston recently, they decided to send me more sexy pics on the road. This marks yet another cam girl battle for our affection. Which girl do you think is the hottest?

It’s so hard to decide between these foxy amateurs. I love them all!
Leave comments for which babe you think is the most attractive. I’ll do a feature on the amateur that gets the most positive responses. Deal?

All Beautiful Women Read Pornzio

Ok. I’m overwhelmed with the beautiful photographs that were sent in by our kick ass readers. ….who all are all foxy babes, apparently.

This submission is from Crish of CWH. If you like hot skinny blondes, Crish is your BCFF (Best Cam Friend Forever). You can tell that she’s a real blonde by the peach fuzz on the small of her back.

Sweet Jesus, I love my job. Thank you for reading Pornzio, Crish! xoxo

Sweet Victoria of CamWithHer is a fan of Pornzio

In my ongoing affection battle between hot cam babes, Sweet Victoria threw her photo into the mix. Sweet Victoria’s chest is simply hypnotic. How big do you think her rack is? Double D? I’ve been spending too much time on camwithher lately. Can you tell?

Thanks for being such a fine fucking babe, Sweet Victoria. I’ll be reading your blog this weekend, for sure. Please continue reading my mind on cam. xoxo