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Face Down Ass Up University

Face down, ass up… that is the way I like to fuck. 2 Live Crew was so right, but not as right as Face Down Ass Up University.

Pretty novel concept, really. Just get a bunch of smokin’ hot co-eds to get naked in their dorm rooms.

Fuck, I miss college so much. This was pretty much every day for me at the Baptist college I attended. Wait…

Let’s all enroll in FDAU University!

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I miss school. I never got to go a Catholic School, but lucky for me I had plenty of sluts to go around. I miss being able to skip 2nd period because I was fucking in the science lab. That’s when I garnered the obsession with skirts. I would pull my dick out of my pants, and she would move her panties off to the side. I would slide right in, and I would cum in a petrie dish. I was once told that this chick examined my gizz under a microscope, and 9 months later she became pregnant. I don’t think it was a coincidence. One thing inevitably leads to another, and every Friday I was banging cheerleaders. I loved when they wore their outfits to school and Friday was game day. Man, maybe I need to go back to school. Can I go get a second high school diploma? Is that possible? I should probably just stick to finding high school seniors on myspace… Anyhow, here’s all you need to get you through to the end of the semester. Enjoy.

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Sarah Shahi…

Sarah Shahi

I LIKE NAKED SLUTS. You know this, I shouldn’t have to say it. But once every 6 full moons a beauty comes out of the darkness that doesn’t even have to be a slut. She’s so beautiful that just looking at her makes me want to shoot a load all over the screen. I’ve thought that Sarah Shahi was gorgeous from the first time I saw her in Boston Public. She’s now a major role in the L word series where she plays a sexy dj named Carmen. Oh and she’s from texas. Good things just come from the south. Speaking of the south, Sarah used to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader back in 1999. This site has a good amount of Sarah Shahi photos. This one is my favorite.

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Double Your Pleasure…

Threesome…every guy dreams of it. For you that have had one, you know it’s your pride and joy story that you always tell at your poker game. I mean what guy wouldn’t want to watch two chicks make out, eat each other out, then both look up at you, one starts sucking your dick while the other plays with your balls, and then you fuck one as the other sticks her tongue down your throat. I mean I can’t really think of anything in that description that I would not do. And then after I did it…I’d tell every friend I had. Shit I’d tell every random person I walked by on the street.

The point is we all want it. But is there a way to one-up a threesome? Some people might say orgy with a bunch of chicks and just you, or maybe a gangbang. I mean everybody is different. But for me. The step up from a threesome would have to be a threesome with twins. I mean not only are you banging two hot chicks that look alike, but you’re making two sluts that are related make out and get each other off. I mean you become like this incest devil with the power to make family members do it. So I guess in turn you’re like a dirty old man. But whatever…YOU KNOW IT’S HOT! I mean they’re not your family. So fuck it.

I took the time…cause I’m so nice. To put together a little list of twins that I’d like to fuck. And just so happens they’re into that as you’ll see below. Have fun.

Milton Twins

Milton Twins Getting Fucked

Cali & Cherish

Cali Marie & Cherish get picked up and fucked

 Cali & Cherish looking a lot better

Cali Marie & Cherish suck and fuck

 Playboy’s Bernaola Twins

Carol & Darlene Bernaola Photoshoot

 Taylor Twins

Taylor Twins shake their ass in cheerleading outfits


I also found a set of twins named Misha and Sasha. They also have british accents. You can’t beat that shit. Check out these Brit Bangers

Brit Banger twins Suck and Fuck
Misha & Sasha fuck stud outside

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Pornzio Crew’s Favorite Porn Sites

We’ve been in the porn industry for a number of years now…and I’d like to think that we’ve seen enough porn to know what’s quality and what’s crap. And since this was pornzio’s first blog post…I didn’t want to leave any member of our team out…so I decided that this first post will be Pornzio Crew’s Favorite Porn Sites. Now we all have different taste in porn. For me it’s asian…for others it’s…lesbian…broadband videos…boobs…and C’s favorite…teen anal fucking. But one thing that we all care about is quality porn. Which is the goal of this porn blog. We will be posting links and pictures of only the best porn we find online. And since we work in porn everyday…there will be a ton of free porn on this blog everyday. So…this is just the start. Enjoy Pornzio’s Free Porn:

I love me some asian beaver

What happens in the VIP room

We all love a Cumfiesta party

Is there such thing as too much tits…..NO!

Take your pick of Teen Pussy

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