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GF Revenge! Amateur Overload

I don’t know what it is about amateur’s that I love so much. Maybe it’s that I know there hasn’t been a 15″ dick in everyone of her holes. Because they haven’t meet me… WHUUUUUT (right… moving on…)

And, I love young, hot college chicks naked. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Also, GF Revenge has given me a new fetish, naked chicks wearing baseball caps. I had no idea how effin’ hot that is.

So, what is GFRevenge? Well, you can get paid for submitting photos or videos of your ex girlfriend. Get paid $100 for a photo or a $1,000 for a video?

Wait, you don’t have photos of your ex’s? Then beat off to other dude’s throwaways!

Horse Trainer Fucks a School Girl

Considering how much money I lost for the Kentucky Derby, I thought I should jack off to a horse trainer fucking a school girl.

There’s a way to get over losing money, then there’s a way to get over losing money. Know what I mean?

Me either.

I ran across the Young Harlot movies not to long ago, and each video is more amazing than the next.

The above clip is from Young Harlot’s Riding School.

Face Down Ass Up University

Face down, ass up… that is the way I like to fuck. 2 Live Crew was so right, but not as right as Face Down Ass Up University.

Pretty novel concept, really. Just get a bunch of smokin’ hot co-eds to get naked in their dorm rooms.

Fuck, I miss college so much. This was pretty much every day for me at the Baptist college I attended. Wait…

Let’s all enroll in FDAU University!

Let’s Go Back to College

I dare you, room full of college chicks, to start sucking dick and have an orgy! YAY!!!! Sweet, sweet, Dare Dorm, I hope you never go away.

You may have heard the news not too long ago about a FAMU sex tape that featured some dirty ebony chicks getting pounded by the FAMU basketball team (or maybe just random students). Well, that came and went, but the awesomeness of Dare Dorm is, thankfully, still going strong.

I mean, where else can you film your own orgy, send it in, and get $10,000? Sad thing for me is, I missed a chance to get about $50,000 in college. (Do the math.)

If you’re not the kind of person to film your orgies (cause you hate memories), then at the least you can beat off to everyone else fuckin’. I really love college, almost as much as I love Dare Dorm.

Check the goods out here – Dare Dorm

Oh… and this one is amazing! Here

Girl of the Week… Bailey


I have found the love of my life. Her name is Bailey, and she sits in her room and gets naked. You can find her on Bailey’ Why do I love her so much? She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Is she getting naked for money? Yes, but she sticks her tongue out, crosses her eyes, and has such a sweet ass that it’s OK with me. I also love the little moles on her left tit. I’m not gonna lie, I’d nibble on them. It’s so fucking cute. She’s half Asian and half, um, hot? Poor Bailey was home schooled and was always the “new girl”. It’s kind of strange how she can be both home schooled and the new girl, but I’m not asking questions as long as she stays in her room and gets naked. She started her site to make money for college, because college is expensive. I am going to go out of my way to make sure she gets the best education a girl can get. Just not good enough to make her keep her clothes on. As always, here is her myspace, though it doesn’t appear to be real, and will probably be gone in a week.

bailey3 bailey4 bailey5

bailey6 bailey7 bailey8


Girl of the Week… Kari Sweets

Let’s all think back, shall we? Let’s think back to a time when we were 18. For me it’s not too hard, because it wasn’t that long ago, but for some of you, just pretend. When I was graduated high school I had a world of possibilities ahead of me. College was around the corner, where I would study law and theatre and make something of myself. I, of course, ended up here on Pornzio. Follow your dreams children! Kari Sweets is 18, and cameras are staring her in face. Oddly enough, she ended up here, too, and thank God for it. Not so much Pornzio, but porn, which is close enough. I like to beat to Kari, and writing about her is even better. It sort of justifies my travels from 18 to now, because when I was 18, I don’t remember chicks looking like that. Actually, I do, and I fucked them, but that doesn’t make for a very good story, now does it? Kari is so hot, Front Magazine named her #2 chick on the net. Right behind, Raven Riley, who I choose not to write about, because if I did I would start beating off at work, and people would get mad at me. (Those damn conservative bitches.) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the sweetness of Kari Sweets. What? You knew I would use that! Kari Sweets is so fucking cute. She looks like a little lion who wants to have candy and sex. I fucking love candy and sex. As always, click for her myspace. Late.


Big 12 Playboy Girls 2006…

Big 12 Playboy Girls 2006

You know you’ve been waiting for it all year. Well it’s finally here. College sluts 2006. Playboy does a great job of picking hot sexy sluts for us all to enjoy and spend many of hours jacking off to. Here’s who caught my eye. Thanks Hef.

Check out Playboy’s Big 12 Girls
source: Daily Niner