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Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have Lesbian Kiss on Dirt

That’s right, Dirt fans! Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are going to give you the lesbian action you’ve been hoping for all these years. Set your Tivos, DVR’s, and the like.

Courtney Cox has been wanting to kiss Jennifer Aniston Lezzy Style for Years! I can't wait to see this episode of Dirt!
You know that Courtney has just been waiting years to find a reason to kiss Jennifer lesbo style. Haven’t we all?! I wish that they’d just come out already, buy a house together, and adopt an Asian baby.

Dear Courtney and Jennifer:

You girls are so cute! I know that your secret love for each other has been on the back burner for some time now. I feel your pain. Now is the time to let your fans know. Be brave! Lesbian love is hot and more accepted than it used to be. In addition to it being super sexy, it would boost your celeb status 10 fold. TV needs a new celeb-lesbo-power-couple. It’s the right time to come out, ladies. Brangelina has nothing on your sex appeal. Fuck them!

You Go Girls,


P.S. Cournifer?!

The infamous lez kiss should happen on the season finale of Dirt (which runs on the FX channel). Jennifer will play a lesbian editor at a rival celeb magazine. If you can’t wait until March, check out this archive of photochopped celeb pics. They make all your fav celeb babes look mad dirty.

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