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Best Part of Waking Up is Cum in Your Cup

If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s waking up and shooting my load into my ladies cup of coffee. Mmm… that’s some tasty cream.

Apparently there’s something about the way my jizz curdles in the cup that makes it fantastically delicious, so says my lady. It’s almost like an Irish Car Bomb. Once I drop my load in the cup, you’d better down it!

Tomorrow morning, the first thing you should do when you wake up is whip up a big breakfast for your girl, make her some coffee and jerk off into it. Now that’s a breakfast in bed any gal will love.

Cumshots Aim for Eyeballs

To my surprise, pink eye is a fetish. Guys jerk off into open eyeballs. These girls catch a sting-y load of cum in the eye, squirm, and pretend that they like it just for you. How accommodating!

Clearly, the girls who agree to this extreme act aren’t the hottest babes. Yet sometimes the act is more important than the actress. If you haven’t said “what the fuck” enough today, you may want to catch a few of their videos in the eye.

Get Her to Swallow…

We’ve all been with at least one girl that just wasn’t going to guzzle down your jizz without a fight. I have the answer for you guys that are still having that trouble. PAY HER! Well get someone else to pay her for her ideas and thoughts on your taste. I’m serious, Love Honey is looking for sperm testers and will be willing to pay you for your information. The product is suppose to change the taste and smell of the semen and is 100% Vegetarian. So you vegans are good to go. You can even sell it that way. There are no vegetarian restaurants around here…why don’t you just let me cum in your mouth. Give it a try.

Sign Up Today for Sperm Testers

Bukkake with a twist…

Cumming all over a girl’s face is something that I will never lose interest in. There’s just something great and dominant about making whoever you’re with feel like slut. And for making yourself feel like a porn star for that matter. But it’s a great sight to see. I found a new site a minute ago that is from Mr. Brandon Iron called Cover My Face. It’s a damn good site, but for some reason they think they’re totally different. Here’s what they say:

“What happens in these pictures is sort of a hybrid niche form that is yet another testament to the ingenuity and innovative spirit of Brandon Iron. The starlet will fuck one person alone before taking 10 or more men at a time.”

Honestly…I don’t care how many dudes she starts fucking if she ends up with 10 guy’s pimp juice on her face than it’s a bukkake film. The end. Check out the Trailer

Cover My Face

King Kong came on my face

We’ve all seen it all in the porn industry. Big cocks, small cocks, facials, anal, you name it and it’s been done. So I love when I find some totally fresh porn ideas out there. Today I found Gorilla Gras. Which takes the simple idea of girls at mardi gra or on vacation in cancun and puts a twist on it. This twist being a guy dresses up as a gorilla and facializes chicks with a massive king kong dong. It’s pretty fucking funny to watch.

Check out some these videos
Gorilla Gras Video 1
Gorilla Gras Video 2
Gorilla Gras Video 3
Gorilla Gras Video 4
Gorilla Gras Video 5