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Today Class, We Jerk Off to a Hot Asian Chick!


I like when Asian chicks fuck, because they sound like how I imagine a unicorn crossed with a kitten sounds.

Now that shit would be magical and elegant.

And, you better fucking believe I found a photo of what that would look like!

(Now, fast forward to the 28 minute mark and tell you don’t think that’s how that cute little critter would sound.)

Best Part of Waking Up is Cum in Your Cup

If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s waking up and shooting my load into my ladies cup of coffee. Mmm… that’s some tasty cream.

Apparently there’s something about the way my jizz curdles in the cup that makes it fantastically delicious, so says my lady. It’s almost like an Irish Car Bomb. Once I drop my load in the cup, you’d better down it!

Tomorrow morning, the first thing you should do when you wake up is whip up a big breakfast for your girl, make her some coffee and jerk off into it. Now that’s a breakfast in bed any gal will love.

Slow Motion Cumshots!!!

I love watching cum fly all over dirty sluts. I mean who doesn’t? But do you think you can make it through 15 minutes of slow motion cum shots? Do ya? I’d like to challenge you to watch this entire thing. I made it about 3 minutes before I blew my load. Then I just skipped to the end of the video so I could say I watched the whole thing. Leave me a comment and tell me how long you lasted.

Slow Motion CumShots