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Dildo Monster Porn

I love strange and artistic porn the best. When I came across this weird dildo monster set, I had to share with the class. You’d be surprised to know that this didn’t come out of Japan.

If Doctor Who had made porn, this would be it. “Exterminate Virginity! Exterminate Virginity!!”

Honestly, I’m not sure whether to be scared…watch more monster dildo movies in horror…or search toy stores for a “dildo monster” of my very own.

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I miss school. I never got to go a Catholic School, but lucky for me I had plenty of sluts to go around. I miss being able to skip 2nd period because I was fucking in the science lab. That’s when I garnered the obsession with skirts. I would pull my dick out of my pants, and she would move her panties off to the side. I would slide right in, and I would cum in a petrie dish. I was once told that this chick examined my gizz under a microscope, and 9 months later she became pregnant. I don’t think it was a coincidence. One thing inevitably leads to another, and every Friday I was banging cheerleaders. I loved when they wore their outfits to school and Friday was game day. Man, maybe I need to go back to school. Can I go get a second high school diploma? Is that possible? I should probably just stick to finding high school seniors on myspace… Anyhow, here’s all you need to get you through to the end of the semester. Enjoy.

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Lesbian Wrestling Porn

I’m not super competitive, but this Ultimate Surrender site has turned me into a sports fanatic. Ultimate Surrender takes 2 lesbians, strips them down, and makes them wrestle naked. The winning lesbo gets to fuck the looser in any hole she wants. Genius, right?

Now I’m in favor of any sex sport that involves a boob pin.

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Vibrating Cell Phone in Pussy

BEEP: I’m sorry. I could pick up my cell, but I don’t want to. I have it set to vibrate and it’s deep inside my pussy. This cell phone fucking movie just changed my life.

Apparently lots of girls fuck their cell phone. I had no idea. I mean, I like to talk on the phone. …but not in a love you long time kinda way.

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Insane Cock Brothas (busted!)

I just saw that Fleshbot posted about Insane Cock Brothas. When Insane Cock Brothas first came out I was floored. I mean it’s one thing to have a one man horse fucking girls left and right, but it’s another to have two half man half horse guys nailing one chick. For some reason you can’t help but to watch lil chicks getting rammed by massive members. It’s what porn is all about. But…and I say but…with disgust. The jig is up! As you can see from the above photo, we’ve all been duped. They are not Half Man Half Horse. They are just barely a man…as you can see from the small flacid penis hanging out of the fake balls. Not trying to dog the site at all cause I still think it’s great. But I also think there are enough massive penis guys out there to make this shit happen fo real. I mean John Holmes was half horse, and Lex Steele is too. Don’t kill porn with your rubber dongs.

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