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Carson Daly Gets Strip Tease from Dita

The lovely Dita Von Teese was on Last Call with Carson Daly doing what she does best. Getting Naked.
Dita is so fucking hot!!!

See the whole video here.

Many call Dita the “Queen of Burlesque”. She has an unforgettable look that lends itself well to glamour and fetish photography. Beyond her image, you’ll see a confidence and control that is rare to find in erotica. I suppose it’s only natural that she’d be confident after a decade on stage. Her faux vintage fetish videos are what I love the most. ….or her spreads in Playboy magazine.

Intrigued? I’ve got some other free Dita videos for you to watch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10.

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Beauty and Braces

The industrial sex appeal of a “metal mouth” has not gone unappreciated by the fetish community.

Girls in braces really lend themselves well to BDSM play. Think about it. Their teeth are bound and tightened regularly for perfection. …creating a throbbing pain. During a blow job, there’s a risk of ripping skin. Sometimes braces can rip up the inside of your mouth. A site called Beauty and Braces has this edgy niche on lock.

They’ve got thousands of erotic videos featuring amateurs (with braces) fucking. Curious? Check out free Beauty and Braces galleries here, here, here, here, and here.

You can thank your favorite lesbian l8r. xoxo

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All Naked Hotties Rejoice on 4/20 Day

What better way of celebrating 4/20 then by giving thanks to women who toke naked. I’d also like to give a special shot out to the creative folks at beaverbong who smoke a fresh bowl of juicy pussy daily. Clearly, they’re smoking for medicinal use, so it’s A-OK. ;)

If you really want to celebrate tonight, jerk off to the erotica found on 420girls and beaverbong. Those are the best premium sites for hot stoner action.

Also, check out these flickr photos of non nude amateur babes smoking. And for our gay readers, check out these flickr guys smoking.

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Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Festival

I attended the kick off to Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Festival in San Francisco last night. The location for the festival was set at the historic Castro Theater. The panel was full of people that I admire (yes, the fabulous Carol Queen was one of the judges). GVTV caught me on the way in, and I was feeling psyched for a great night of noob erotic filmmakers!

To my surprise, most of the films they showed last night were terrible. I was very disappointed at the selection. I suppose that means that they were drowning in horrible entries. If I was in charge, I’d pull a Flava Flav and not choose a winner just yet. …I’d push the entry deadline farther out and see if there are other gems they could stumble upon.

The highest quality film they showcased actually had a real pornstar (Satine Phoenix) as a main character. I was surprised that they allowed such an element in an amateur film festival. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Satine Phoenix’s work. …but my understanding was that it was supposed to be all amateur. Oh well. As it was turned out, I was happy to see at least one great erotic film. That film was more than worth the price of admission!

You may ask then, which was the worst? Believe me, this is a hard decision to make. One of the films grappled with the trite/tired/lame concept of fingering a flower. One of the judges called it “tasty.” no. I hate that women can’t be shot just fucking and having real orgasms. You can shoot real women truly getting off in a femme and artistic way, IF that’s the goal. It does anger me to see girls rolling around on beds and posing with flowers, though. …licking/fingering a rose while making silly myspace poses on the bed. What’s worse? It was shot with heavy filtering, so all the visuals were soft. I’m sure she was going for an obvious “feminine,” but her film sped quickly past feminine and drove right off the bridge of appropriate.

Being the immature film critic that I am, I started quietly giggling. I spilled out a snort, which turned into rolling laughter. The entire balcony of the theater followed suit. It was as if they were waiting for the green light to disapprove of the bad flower sex. Quickly the theater was filled with hard belly laughs. I feel bad for the filmmaker who had to hear people laugh during their “serious erotic project,” but whatever. At least it was an honest response.

I hope that next year Good Vibes gets more cut throat with the festival. I am a huge fan/customer of the GV empire, and would love to see more quality erotica making it through. …true erotic visionaries being showcased. Since it was their first year, it can only get better. I would highly suggest attending next year, so we can see this festival unfold.

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