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Without Hoes Life Would be Fucked Up

As I was paging through XXL today, I came across this smokin Video Hoe. Video Hoes are those bionic babes that drop it like it’s hot in rap music videos. This reminds me of of something the great Snoop Dogg said, “without hoes life would be fucked up.”

So true. God bless all the Video Hoes.

This particular video hoe is named Erica. She’s was featured in Big Boi’s “Kryptonite (I’m on It),” Juvenile’s “Rodeo,” Bubba Sparxxx’s “Ms. New Booty” and Biggie’s “Spit Your Game.” 34C-24-38, goddamnit. That body is no joke.

Then there’s the ultra-fly ebony model slash Video Hoe La’Shontae Heckard…

La’Shontae is in Fat Joe & Nelly’s “Get it Poppin,” Dru Hill’s “I Should Be,” Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey’s “Give It To Me,” 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop,” Ludacris & DTP’s “Growing Pains RMX” Gucci Mane Feat. Young Jeazy’s “So Icy,” and Kanye West’s “Golddigger.” She’s clearly made a career out of being the hot chick in videos.

I really hope the next step for these chicks is porn. Is that so wrong? The music they could license for the adult videos would be hot. Ladies, let me be your manager…

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Ultimate Asian Hotties List…

It’s about time you guys finally get to see my true love of asian poontang. I’ve been obsessed since high school. I can’t help it. Something about those slanty eyes just pull me in. So obviously I read everything asian hotties related. Today over at Kineda Magazine they did an article on the Ultimate Asian Hotties of the entire world. This was then broken down into 17 ladies and 8 countries. Now obviously this is a great idea, but come on, finish out what you started. Get all the countries or at least the majors. I mean the United States isn’t even in there, and the only american-ish one is Tila Tequila who’s the lone ranger in the Vietnam section. I just think about all the beautiful women that have been spawned by combing all these cultures with others. For instance, Vanessa Minnillo, the hottest mtv vj to ever speak on times square. Or Sheena Lee who’s got that asian, german thing going on. But it’s not even that. Even in the japan category they left out someone like Hiromi Oshima who is by far one of the hottest asian women on the planet. I mean they did it like there was a limit on women. I want to see a thousand women all broken up by country. I guess I’ll have to do it, but’ll be fucking hot. Just a lil rant, but I take my asian porn seriously. Here is a bigger gallery of hot asian women around the world. Enjoy

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Vagina from China…

I don’t think I’ve ever been so dissappointed with a site before. I mean to have such a kick ass domain name and to not make that as bad ass as it could be just kills me. I mean it says “from China”, but then you get to the site and it says:
“We are here to serve you with a huge amount of pictures and an impressive database of REAL Japanese movies. From Asian teens to Asian whores – all asian babes can be found in here: not only from China but also girls from Japan, Thai chicks, Philippines, Korean chicks, and more! Come in right now and… We love you long time!”
What the fuck…China is the most overpopulated place in the world and you’re telling me you couldn’t just stick with just hot Chinese chicks? I mean you could have just stood outside the orphanage, and picked up all the 18 year olds that suddenly became too old to take care of. And if that wasn’t enough…with all the choices of all asian countries…the girls you pick look more like sweatshop workers. Don’t get me wrong there a couple of hotties in there, and hey…some of you might like that down syndrome look. But me…I’m more of the hot, tan, nice tits, round ass ( I know that’s asking a lot from an asian site), and beautiful sexy face myself. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are a new site. Maybe they’ve got a ton of hot shit coming in the weeks to come. I’ll keep an eye out but check out the most kick ass Asian Porn site domain name on the planet. Vagina from China

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Oprah’s Favorite Slut…

Superhead is getting all the press these days. Karrine Steffan has become the world’s most famous ho-bag in a few hours. Let me break down her lifeline for you. She was born, dad taught her how to suck dick, she went to school to suck more dick, she got in some music videos by sucking some dick, sucked and fucked famous dick, and now has her own porn called “Superhead”…where guess what she does? You guessed it, sucks some dick.

A friend of mine just sent me a link she found to most of Superhead. I went in thinking that it was just another crap porno, but after seeing this chick’s dick sucking skills I’m now a fan. So much of a fan I just burned a copy of this video for my girlfriend to take notes on. The dude in the video has to stop her a few times cause he’s about to cum and they haven’t even gotten to the fucking yet. She pulls out some kung fu twisting dick style sucking and I have to say just watching it made me want to cum on her face. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Here’s also what some other fine people think about Miss Superhead

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Quality Porn is the only porn…

Being somewhat of a connoisseur of porn these days. I’d like to think that I know quality when i see it. And there is one company out there that I see no fault in any of their sites. Braincash makes some of the best porn online and it just doesn’t stop. This past week they’ve come out with 4 brand new sites that are just kick ass.

You should know by now that I’m a big fan of the asian porn. So when I saw that one was called Fuck That Asian I wasn’t jumping out of my seat. But when I actually saw the site the blood started flowing down below. I mean not only is the quality of the videos good, but they have every major asian porn star on the first page. Move over Mr Chews Asian Beaver there’s a new yellow site in town.

Now we come to Feet Frenzy. Now I’m not a big fan of getting jacked off by some chicks feet or cumming on the toes, but if that’s what you or the person you’re with wants than I’m all for it. My girl is always on her feet and I don’t want her smelly ass feet in my mouth, but if she asks me to cum on them. You can know that I’ll oblige.

I love it Black is fucking great. I think I’ve told you that the first site I ever saw was Blacks on Blondes and I’ve been a fan of the monster black cocks making little chicks scream ever since. I love it black is right there. It’s nothing but hot ass chicks getting banged in every hole from a 12 inch black cock. What’s better than that?

I have to say More than a Girl pisses me off. Not cause it’s not good. It’s great just like the rest of them. What pisses me off that dudes make themselves look like hot chicks. yeah you can tell most of the time, but there are some talented doctors out there. As you can see from this site. Be careful next time you’re picking chicks up from the bar. Or at least start fucking with the lights on so you know what you’re working with. Oh and the tagline cracks me up “Cocked and Loaded” God I love porn.

Doesn’t get much better than Braincash.

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Fuck Oprah!

So today a friend of mine sent me a very interesting link about the devil, god, your messiah, the one and only, I used to be black, and I have more money than god, Oprah. Sadly I really used to like oprah. I think I liked her when she was fat. Now that she thinks she’s hot and puts herself on every cover of her own magazine I can’t really stand her.

She tries to come off all nice and give shit away. Like in the show when she gave everyone in the audience a free car. And then you later find out that everyone in the audience would have had to pay $7k for tax,title, and license. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t have that layin around. So more than likely 4 people from that audience got new cars out of that fucking shame of a show.

And today I read this on the wonderful Susie Bright’s Blog:
“I woke up this morning to a commercial about today’s Oprah show in which she states that “pornography is the number one addiction” in the United States. 

She goes on to warn her female audience: “Could this be your husband?”

In the promo on her website, Oprah makes pornography out to be the worst thing happening in America today.  Perhaps Senator Brownback should give her a call and they can work together.”

What the fuck is wrong with this bitch. Seriously. Do a show on how guns fucking kill people. People atleast get to jack off to porn. A gun just puts your ass in a coffin. Just cause you’re rich and get to fuck little boy toys whenever you feel like it. (Cause you can afford it of course) Not everybody is like that. People like to jack off. And though I may love fucking my wife. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to watch other people have sex. It’s really sad how Oprah has become that bitch at school that makes all the girl’s scared that all the other girl’s boyfriends are cheating on them. She’s a rumor starting bitch that needs her ass kicked. I say we lock her in a room with the biggest cocks in the porn industry and let them anally rape her til she screams “I love porn”

It would work :)

Check out the rest of Susie Bright’s Post here.

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Blacks on Blondes…

I had a random memory pop into my head today. Me and my dad were in his beat up brown truck on the way to school. He used to listen to Howard Stern every morning. And at the time I couldn’t stand Howard. He just came off so racist and mean to me. This certain day was interesting cause this one day he brought up a porn site called Blacks On Blondes. Now we didn’t even have a computer, but that site name was burned in my brain until that last bell rang. I packed up my books and ran faster than a naked man with 10 steaks hanging out of his ass who’s being chased by 50 starving ethiopians. I was heading to my friends house cause he had AOL. I got on his dial up connection and went straight to the site. The first thought through my head after the 10 minutes of loading was: Holy shit…is that thing real?

If you haven’t seen I’ll give you the run down. Huge…and I do mean HUGE…Black cocks meet very small blonde women. Sometimes just one black cock. Sometimes a plethora of dark meat pounding any blonde orifices they can find. It was at this time that my porn love started. And it was all because of Howard Stern. He alone made my life so much better. And I’m always checking his radio and tv show to see if there’s any great porn that I’ve been missing out on.

Since that day I’ve found a ton of huge black cock sites that compare or are better than the original. And I’m posting some galleries of Big Lex. But the original will always be there for me. It brings a tear to my eye when I think about the crap porn I used to look at. That was before Howard opened my eyes.

Big Black Cocks and Small Blondes who Love Them

And a few more galleries cause I can’t get enough
Interracial Love
Interracial Love2
Interracial Love3
Interracial Love4

The Original Blacks On Blondes

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Pornstar Wednesday…

Wednesday, I’ve decided, is now Pornstar Day. It’s going to be a praise to the old school and the new school in the porn industry. The Veteran and the Rookie if you will. Today we’re going to start with a two lovely asian pornstars. The veteran hitting clean up is Tera Patrick. Not only is Tera Patrick hot as hell, but she’s not the dumb ass pornstar like we would have all imagined. She’s a nurse, with the dream of becoming an infectious disease specialist. She was discovered in San Francisco when she was 13 and subsequently moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling. She worked as a model and appeared on the runway until she was 18. At this time, she quit modeling to attend State University in Idaho. Tera transferred to California and returned to modeling, where she met Penthouse photographer Suze Randall. Soon after this introduction, Tera was named Penthouse Pet and Hustler Honey.” It was long after that she became the sex goddess that we all know.

Hitting ninth in the rookie spot we have Jade. Jade is a bit of a mystery. I’ve spent the last couple of hours looking for more information on her and have come up blank. I can find her videos on Monsters of Cock and Captain Stabbin , but no bio information. Regardless I was determinded to put her into this post. How can you not fall in love with a small blonde asian girl beating herself in the face with a 14inch cock? It was love at first sight for me. She’s adorable. If anyone has any info on her please let me know so I can add it. But I assume she’s one of those young girls that got into porn on accident. Didn’t actually think she’d get seen as much as she is, and she’s worried that her parents will find out about her if she puts up her own official site. At least that’s what I made up just now. So yeah.

Veteran Tera Patrick vs Rookie Jade who do you think would win in a double ended dildo battle?

Tera Patrick and Jade Galleries:


More Galleries of these sexy asian pornstars:

Tera Patrick takes off her bikini
Tera Patrick sucks and fucks

Jade gets pounded by the Captain
Jade and a monster cock

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When being a spitter is a good thing…

If there’s anyone that deserves employee of the month it’s every schoolgirl in Japan. Some kids in high school get a part time job making hamburgers at mcdonalds or maybe even a clothing store. But in Japan, they are either lazy or so much smarter than anyone else. They have managed to make more money some of their parents doing nothing. And like any good salesman. They can sell anything.

It all started with them selling their used panties with a sticker of them on it. They then moved onto naked stickers from photo booths at the mall. Maybe even a photoshoot here and there in parking lots. But now. All they have to do is be a spitter. When I read this article over at about Japanese Girls Spitting to pay the bills. I damn near shit on myself. Which made me wonder. Is that the next big seller? What can’t Japanese Schoolgirls sell???

A nice set of schoolgirls just to set the mood:

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Hung like a horse…

I keep hearing “porn keeps pushing it’s limits”. My question is how far are these limits going to grow? And yes that was a shitty lead into what i’m talking about. I mean in the 70′s when porn hit the market running. Normal guys with pubes galore and normal cocks were porn stars. It was like a club scene. If you had a pretty face and were willing to fuck on camera. You’re In! But now, things have really changed. To be a male pornstar you have to be able to fling out your big 10incher. And some of these guys are so big they’re pushing the 20inch marker. Fuckin ey!

That alone is amazing, but to think that there are women out there in the world that can not only take that huge dong in their ass,but also take 5 massive cocks at a time! You have to wonder how they find these women. And men for that matter. I mean do you put a ad in the paper: Seeking Male with cock that is the same size as his arm. And Seeking Female who can swallow a cucumber and eat a cup of yogurt at the same time. Maybe some guys are just blessed and some women are just freaks. Regardless its fun to watch.

Lots and lots of Huge Cocks

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