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Charmane Star is Sexy Asian Yum Yums

What the fuck does Sexy Asian Yum Yums mean? Hell if I know, but I like it.

Charmane Star is ridicuhot. I want to stick my crab so far up her wonton that cream cheese pours out. That’s how hot she is!

Wait, how hot is Charmane Star? She’s so hot I’d let her punch me in the asshole just so I could fuck her. That’s how hot she is!

Wait… wait… how hot is Charmane Star? I’d fuck her little Asian grandma just to tell my friends that I fuck the woman who gave birth to the woman who gave birth to Charmane Star. Yes! That’s how hot she is!

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I just found Leah Dizon


I’ve seen Leah Dizon before.  I just had no idea who she was.  I think I even posted a photo of her when I wrote about Import Models.  Regardless, Toph sent her to me today, and I’m now got the girl I’m jacking off to tonight.  I’ve been told that there is an actual fucking and sucking porn video of her floating around.  And I’m on a mission to find it.  And once I do you know I’ll put it up here for your viewing pleasure. For now you’re going to have to be okay with the 14 galleries of Leah Dizon I found.  Well here’s one more for you.

Posted by   CrackaAss