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Japanese Bikini Babes Dance for You

I’ve come across a lot of really hawt videos lately of Japanese bikini babes. The pic above is of Atsuko Okamoto, btw. Isn’t she sexy? Kinda messy and crazy looking. She’d want to fuck you long after you’d be done. I’d take nodoz to keep up, though. Trust.

Do you like to watch Asian girls dance? Here are some Japanese bikini sluts dancing just for you: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Want more? Check out this flickr group devoted to Asian bikini club photos.

Have fun this weekend. I hope you all get laid by hot Japanese girls. I’m on my way to Japantown in San Francisco, as we speak. xoxo

All Naked Hotties Rejoice on 4/20 Day

What better way of celebrating 4/20 then by giving thanks to women who toke naked. I’d also like to give a special shot out to the creative folks at beaverbong who smoke a fresh bowl of juicy pussy daily. Clearly, they’re smoking for medicinal use, so it’s A-OK. ;)

If you really want to celebrate tonight, jerk off to the erotica found on 420girls and beaverbong. Those are the best premium sites for hot stoner action.

Also, check out these flickr photos of non nude amateur babes smoking. And for our gay readers, check out these flickr guys smoking.

Vagina Cars

Pussy magnet? Not unless you’re trying to attract blind hookers. Who fucking cares?! This lesbo says 2 thumbs up to pussy art cars. There’s something so wrong about them, that it circles back to being ok. …sort of like the Pussy Wagon from the film Kill Bill.

Check out this Burning Man vagina car complete with tampon string…

If these pics are making you horny, watch these chicks fuck in cars. And if you’re looking for guys getting fucked in cars, watch these videos.

Couch Potato…Porn Style


I’m telling you guys Flickr is just the place for porn.  There’s no denying it.  Today a Dirty Hippie sent me a link to merkley???‘s photo set called girls on sofas.  At first read I was like ummmm why do I want to look at girls on a sofa?  But I was happily surprised to see that the girls are actually really hot chicks that are naked and in hot and sexy poses.  It’s pretty sweet.  Not to mention the guy is an amazing photographer.  His ability to create a series is also very apparent as you’ll see.  But don’t stop with the sofas.  Be sure to check out his other sets that share the same professional sex appeal.  chicks , picks , noods , doods , SkyCam , deitadinha , symmetry , #1′s

Check out Girls on Sofas

Political Porn…


Going through this flickr photo set I remember seeing some of these photos, so I checked the profile and these were from the Strippers of London that I saw on Fleshbot. I remember thinking to myself…that it’s cool that this person got to take photos at a stripclub…but that I wish there were hot girls at this one. Cause from what I saw there weren’t. Anyway I found her flickr set randomly today and I have to say this is the weirdest fucking set I’ve ever seen. It’ll turn you on, and then make you want to vomit all on the same page. I mean there are fake tits which everyone likes. Who doesn’t like a stripper. But then right next to this hot stripper is a deer with it’s guts hanging out. WHAT THE FUCK? This thing screams I have a lot to say and if you’re not going to listen to me look at these fucking pictures. Here’s her bio off of The Naked Truth Blog:

I currently live in London. I studied photojournalism at The School of The Art Instiute of Chicago and than received a Masters there as well.I currently live in London. I have travelled around the world capturing everything from sex workers to Russian prisons and riots in Serbia. I am posting my lifes work on flickr this is what I have been doing for 22 years this is who I am. I am published in many different languages in many different countries.

I don’t really know what to say about it, except you have to see it. I have to go find some hotness to jack off to cause I can’t get the image of sheep being swept off the street out of my head. Hotness to come, but check out the very strange, dirty, scary, political photos set of Journalism.

Meet Trisha…


Trisha is my latest flickr find. I mean I have no idea who she is, where she’s from, or if she plans to do hardcore anytime soon. But I do know that she’s fucking hot. And hot and asian is enough for me. You guys thought I was kidding when I said today is Asian Day. I don’t fuck around. Well thank you Mrs Smarty Pants for posting your set of Trisha.

Check out this hot ass asian’s photos

Merina Vo…Super Hoe

If you haven’t seen Merina Vo on flickr than you probably don’t do too many searches for sexy, asian, nude, or naked cause she tends to be in all of those. She claims to be some super inspirational, 15 minutes of fame, I used to be a fob but now i’m a photographer/model/fashion designer. You too can be a fashion designer slash whore if you just take off your clothes and take eight million photos of yourself. I mean I’m really not complaining…cause she is fucking hot. And I’ll look at her sexy ass photos as much as I can. I just don’t get when people give off this…I’m so good cause I have an inspirational coach…vibe. And as you know I’m not a fan of Oprah and her dream is to become the “Asian Oprah”. Take my advice…just keep taking hot photos…then start sucking cock. Make a membership site and you’ll be the next Tila Tequila. Done and Done.

Penny’s Passions…

For some reason the balloons turn me on. I can’t help it they do. I mean there’s something about balloon boobs that just says “I want to be a pornstar, cause I love to get fucked.” At least that’s what this massive things say to me. And since in all of our hearts we all want to fuck a dirty slut. Even if you say you like nice girls. I’m honest! Anyway since I’ve signed up for flickr and started adding some photos to my favorites I’ve been getting some new friends. And Penny is my newest best friend. She obviously does a little hardcore action since she’s posting some photos of cum all over her face, but her true beauty lies under her chin. You’d think plastic surgeons these days would tell people nope I’m not going to make you look like an idiot. I mean these things are obviously real but they make you wonder kinda like FarangDingDong
makes you wonder. I’ll try to find more hardcore stuff for you, but for now you’ll have to live with the photos of these massive boobs. Thanks Penny. Oh and check out Penny’s other photos, Tommi Knockers and her Favorites. It’ll keep you busy most of the day. And if that doesn’t take up most of your day, and you need more top heavy ladies to look at check out Zorro -Bea’s photos.

Flickr Obsessed…

Now I look for hot chicks on Flickr as much as anybody, but there are some people out there that take it a little further than normal. These people I like to call the “Obsessed”. They look like normal people, have normal jobs, normal friends, but when they get home they are consumed with looking up words like babe, boobs, nude, porn, sex, and any other freaky sexual keyword they can think to put into flickr’s search. Today I found Hard, as he and his friends apparently call him, who is the Uber Obsessed. He’s gone so far as to create mini niche blogs around Flickr. The list:

Cutie CuriosaHis description: “Pictures of pretty girls doing curious things. Why are they doing that?” My Description: Those stupid pictures that drunk people take at a party where the person taking the photo says “Do something funny”

Women With WineHis description: “Here you will find nothing but candid photos of young women drinking wine. OK, in some pictures they might be soon to drink, or in some other cases they are just holding the bottle, but you understand. It’s a “wine drinking women” theme. Sure, there are similar sites featuring party girls, flat out drunk girls, girls showing their boobies at mardi-gras, etc. But I like to think my blog has the most class.
My Description: Umm…you guessed it…pictures of chicks holding or drinking wine…whoopee!

Tea BirdsHis Description: “Similar to Women With Wine, but with tea as the beverage of choice. It is my mission with this blog to prove that tea is sexy. Sexy tea drinkers. Caffeinated cuties. Cup size doesn’t matter.” My Description: Pictures of chicks drinking tea…wtf man. The only tea that’s sexy is when an asian whore in japan is taking a tea break in between clients.

Babes with BooksHis Description: “Reading is hot. There is nothing more magical than the image of an attractive female hunkering down on some serious literature. We’re not talkin’ Cosmo here folks. We’re talkin’ Vixens With Virgil. We’re talkin’ Dames With Dostoevsky. We’re talkin’ Hotties With Hemingway. We’re talkin’ Babes With Books……” My Description: I’m a perv and I take pictures of chicks when they’re not looking and jack off to them later on. Then after you cum you realize you hate the book she’s reading and you move on to the next slut.

Sleeping CutiesHis Description: “This is probably my most controversial blog. Is it right to take pictures of cute girls asleep in their beds, and unbeknownst to them republish them on a photoblog? My take on the matter is that as long as they are not passed out on “roofies”, or otherwise being taken advantage of, it is OK. The object of my site is pure appreciation. Appreciation of physical beauty. Appreciation of the languorous poses and angelic expressions young women take on when they are in dreamland. A Google search will quickly reveal that there are a lot of so called “sleep fetish” sites dedicated to all sorts of sick and perverted things you could do to unsuspecting ladies. This is not one of them.” My Description: Although you say this isn’t a sick sleeping fantasy site, you still appeal to those sick fucks that like to take chicks home from a bar bring them back to their house just in time for them to pass out and then to fuck a sleeping chick. Maybe that’s too harsh I mean at least they have their clothes on.

And if these sites weren’t enough he’s already got plans to keep this thing rolling with killer sites like Sweater Girls, Classical Cuties, Horse Chicks, and Myopic Minxes. These still seem retarded to me but the name Myopic Minxes that’s fucking great. I’ll read it just for that.

Check out Hardley Surton’s Blog Ring of Diaphanous Mystery I mean the name says it all. photo from Cutie Curiosa