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Vag for Dinner?

Admittedly, I wrote that title before I wrote the content, so let’s just see what we can come up with together.

I have an idea, let’s see if we can’t find vagina salads, or perhaps better, steak on top of vagina. Well, I got close, how’s about a dude fucking a chick with a cucumber?
Thank god they’re practicing safe sex here. Cause, if that cucumber cam inside of her, well, she could give birth to THIS!!!

Now that would be some fucked up shit. How do vegetarians feel about fucking chicks with veggies? I bet they’re so into that shit.

My favorite line of the video? “Some sexual delights with a fucking banana.” Fucking bananas… genius.

Now, if you’re bored today, you can play a Pussy or Raw Meat game. Who wouldn’t want to do that? It’s actually pretty entertaining… and yes, I scored 13 out 15. Pussy and Raw Meat might be the only two things I know well. (Link)