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Lit Candle Sex

Now, I personally love hot candle wax and wacky insertions…but at the same time? I just watched this video on SkinVideo of a babe getting pounded by a few lit candles before giving a juicy blowjob.

Little did I know that this was just one of thousands of lit candle pornos out there. For your viewing enjoyment, check out some free lit candle penetration here, here, here, and here.

For you femdom fans, here’s a random dude with a lit candle up his asshole.

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Beauty and Braces

The industrial sex appeal of a “metal mouth” has not gone unappreciated by the fetish community.

Girls in braces really lend themselves well to BDSM play. Think about it. Their teeth are bound and tightened regularly for perfection. …creating a throbbing pain. During a blow job, there’s a risk of ripping skin. Sometimes braces can rip up the inside of your mouth. A site called Beauty and Braces has this edgy niche on lock.

They’ve got thousands of erotic videos featuring amateurs (with braces) fucking. Curious? Check out free Beauty and Braces galleries here, here, here, here, and here.

You can thank your favorite lesbian l8r. xoxo

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Butter or Lube?


That really is the question.  I guess you have to ask yourself who thought of lube?  I mean you know romeo wanted to put it in juliets butt, but sometimes that thing is just too tight.  What will lube this thing up he thought to himself?  I’ve got it.  There was a big stick of butter with bread on the dinner table.  That’ll do it.  And now lube is everywhere and people are putting it in butts all over the world.

But just like fashion lube wants to get back to it’s retro days.  And leave it to the germans to bring it back.

Check out this video of butter fucking

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Britney Spears Loves Taking Nude Photos of Herself

My friends at SexyBattleBoard just sent me links to these topless Britney shots. She really does love to show off her naughty bits in public. Remember the vag pics?
Celebrities like Britney Spears love getting naked in public

Aren’t the flowers a nice touch? A kinder, gentler, Britney Spears. It almost makes you forget about the angry bald britney holding an umbrella. Almost!

The timing for these photos to be leaked couldn’t have been at a better moment. She’s just now getting back on stage at the House of Blues. Nice. Way to go Britney! We’re always cheering for you.

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Clit bigger than Chyna’s…

We’ve all seen that mini dick clit that former Wrestling star Chyna is carrying around.  Especially after her stint in porn.  I thought I’d never see anything crazier than that, and that it had to be because of the steroids and how big and muscular she was.

Chyna Clit

But then today I found a site called brazilian facials.  And what do I see?  A monster penis clit that is carried by a really hot brazilian woman.


WTF is going on?  How would you feel if you were fucking this hot chick you just met in brazil, and you felt a little penis rubbing on yours as you were jamming your cock in her wet pussy?  Freaks me out to even think about it.  But check out these videos.

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Body Builder Porn…


I’ve always had a fantasy of fucking a body builder chick. I mean there’s something about a woman that has muscles bigger than yours and her ripped up muscular vagina can squeeze your dick so hard the head wants to just squirt all over the place. I know I’m a freak…but still…I’ve always found something really hot about it. Sadly though I’ve never been able to find any actual porn with body builder chicks. Well I tell you now this…BODY BUILDER PORN IS ALIVE.

I was digging through Skin Video’s massive amounts of porn and like a dream it just appeared. Big buff women making out and fucking each other. Then to add to that solo body builders in the nude masturbating. You’ll notice half way through that one that Chyna isn’t the only one with a penis clit. And if you need more from the queen of body building whores…Chyna. Oh Oh Oh check this body builder chick out. She fucks a fucking mop while she’s cleaning her bathroom.

If bodybuilders aren’t your thing then it’s okay…I got something for you too. How about just getting some action at the gym. No manly women…just good ole fuckin and suckin in a place that bodybuilders attend? Work for you? I thought it would. enjoy Oh wait! You have to watch hot asian volleyball players abusing naked asian guys. Good stuff.

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Dildo Go Kart…


If doesn’t know about the guy who made this, they need to find him.  How awesome is this? Not only do you get to masturbate, but you also get to ride around town on a go cart.  This is like a mix of exhibitionist, masturbation, fetish and racing.  Just think if they were remote control.  You could put your lady on one, and your friends lady on the other and race them through town.  I real meet the neighbors kinda thing.

Check out this video of the Dildo Go Kart 

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American Eel sex…


Not to be outdone by her sister in japan. This young american slut decided she’d take the fish flying out of her ass one step further. By sticking an entire eel all the way up in her cooch. You read that right. A fucking eel. In her fucking cooch. Who comes up with this shit.

Enjoy watching an Eel fuck a woman

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I don’t even know what to say about this shit. Fishes really do fly out of her ass…it’s fucking amazing. The real question is why the fuck would you put fish in your ass? Who comes up with these ideas? Cause I need to be working there.

Check out the video of fish flying out of a cute asian’s ass

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