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MyFreeCams – Say Bye to Your Day

When I found out about MyFreeCams my productivity increased 40%. Unless, of course, you don’t consider beating off to cam girls productive. Lucky for us, I do.

MyFreeCams absolutely rules. I don’t think I’ve ever seen less than 500 girls online at once, and you can find some fucking gems.

I clicked in a room the other day, and found a girl fingerbanging so hard she started squirting all over her bed. This is what we should be watching at work!

Check out some of my favorites – SweetBabyToy, MelissaM, Jade_Fox and, of course, the super fucking hot TaliaShepard.

Y’all have a great weekend. Fuck everybody!!

Havana Ginger, What’s Areolas in Spanish?

I know how much you bustas love areolas, so I thought I’d draw your attention to in the incomparable, Havana Ginger.

I can’t help but to get boners to this sexy latina and her DD tits. I bet her areolas taste like Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas. MMmmmm… Mexican Pizza.

Have fun beating to these fun bags!

Also check out Susie Sparks giant areolas HERE!

Free Porn Friday…


Aight…I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted a free porn friday, but it’s time to bring it back. I mean what else should you be doing on friday? Anyway…I’m pimpin my hawk these days so I figured I’d do a free porn friday punk edition. Hope you’re into it. If not…hit me up in comments and I’ll hook you up with a customized free porn friday. late



Girl of the Week… Bailey


I have found the love of my life. Her name is Bailey, and she sits in her room and gets naked. You can find her on Bailey’ Why do I love her so much? She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Is she getting naked for money? Yes, but she sticks her tongue out, crosses her eyes, and has such a sweet ass that it’s OK with me. I also love the little moles on her left tit. I’m not gonna lie, I’d nibble on them. It’s so fucking cute. She’s half Asian and half, um, hot? Poor Bailey was home schooled and was always the “new girl”. It’s kind of strange how she can be both home schooled and the new girl, but I’m not asking questions as long as she stays in her room and gets naked. She started her site to make money for college, because college is expensive. I am going to go out of my way to make sure she gets the best education a girl can get. Just not good enough to make her keep her clothes on. As always, here is her myspace, though it doesn’t appear to be real, and will probably be gone in a week.

bailey3 bailey4 bailey5

bailey6 bailey7 bailey8


Girl of the Week… Kari Sweets

Let’s all think back, shall we? Let’s think back to a time when we were 18. For me it’s not too hard, because it wasn’t that long ago, but for some of you, just pretend. When I was graduated high school I had a world of possibilities ahead of me. College was around the corner, where I would study law and theatre and make something of myself. I, of course, ended up here on Pornzio. Follow your dreams children! Kari Sweets is 18, and cameras are staring her in face. Oddly enough, she ended up here, too, and thank God for it. Not so much Pornzio, but porn, which is close enough. I like to beat to Kari, and writing about her is even better. It sort of justifies my travels from 18 to now, because when I was 18, I don’t remember chicks looking like that. Actually, I do, and I fucked them, but that doesn’t make for a very good story, now does it? Kari is so hot, Front Magazine named her #2 chick on the net. Right behind, Raven Riley, who I choose not to write about, because if I did I would start beating off at work, and people would get mad at me. (Those damn conservative bitches.) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the sweetness of Kari Sweets. What? You knew I would use that! Kari Sweets is so fucking cute. She looks like a little lion who wants to have candy and sex. I fucking love candy and sex. As always, click for her myspace. Late.


PopBoys: Tricking Teen Pop Star Wannabes

I’m on a twink kick. What can I say?

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I ran into a producer named Ben Huller. He created the super cute porn site called PopBoys. This site offers exclusive gay teen video that’s a cross between japanimation, boy bands, and candy.

Yay for pop star boy candy. These young starlets will do anything to become a star. I only wish that they’d let the boys post hopeful mp3s (demos of them singing) on their profile page. That would be hilarious.

Free Teen Slut Photos…

Who doesn’t like to see young girls doing bad things? If you answered yes to that question go ahead and go to another site cause that’s what we’re all about. I came across a site that’s just that. Real girls taking photos of themselves showing ass and titties. No big time porn, but I think you can use your imagination. Free Teen Porn

If you do want some good teen porn though check these out:
Club Seventeen
Couples Seduce Teens
Try Teens

Flickr Porn

If you’re someone who enjoys jacking off to hot sexy pictures of people fucking and hot ass chicks doing dirty things. Then you must have heard of flickr by now. You probably keep all of your family photos and vacation photos on there so you can send to your friends. But did you know that it’s one of the largest collections of free porn on the internet. I hope you guys are smart enough to find the free porn, but just in case I’ll break down where to look.

You can start with your normal porn search terms that you do like: babes, lesbian, porn, hentai or whatever. You’ll end up on a photo search results with hopefully enough sexy selection. Of course when you do a search for pussy you’re going to have some normal pussy cat photos and all that. Hey maybe you’re even into jackin off to that too. Go for it. I don’t judge. But if you’re not finding enough porn related material you can click on the find similar images at yahoo link on the left and get even more free porn results from our big daddy yahoo.

Now some good people out there have actually gone a step further than this for you. They run flickr babe sites. So they’ll actually go through flickr and find only the best and hottest women and publish them to their site. Here are just a couple that you have to check out:
Flickr Babes
and of course my fav AsianFlickr Babes

Double Your Pleasure…

Threesome…every guy dreams of it. For you that have had one, you know it’s your pride and joy story that you always tell at your poker game. I mean what guy wouldn’t want to watch two chicks make out, eat each other out, then both look up at you, one starts sucking your dick while the other plays with your balls, and then you fuck one as the other sticks her tongue down your throat. I mean I can’t really think of anything in that description that I would not do. And then after I did it…I’d tell every friend I had. Shit I’d tell every random person I walked by on the street.

The point is we all want it. But is there a way to one-up a threesome? Some people might say orgy with a bunch of chicks and just you, or maybe a gangbang. I mean everybody is different. But for me. The step up from a threesome would have to be a threesome with twins. I mean not only are you banging two hot chicks that look alike, but you’re making two sluts that are related make out and get each other off. I mean you become like this incest devil with the power to make family members do it. So I guess in turn you’re like a dirty old man. But whatever…YOU KNOW IT’S HOT! I mean they’re not your family. So fuck it.

I took the time…cause I’m so nice. To put together a little list of twins that I’d like to fuck. And just so happens they’re into that as you’ll see below. Have fun.

Milton Twins

Milton Twins Getting Fucked

Cali & Cherish

Cali Marie & Cherish get picked up and fucked

 Cali & Cherish looking a lot better

Cali Marie & Cherish suck and fuck

 Playboy’s Bernaola Twins

Carol & Darlene Bernaola Photoshoot

 Taylor Twins

Taylor Twins shake their ass in cheerleading outfits


I also found a set of twins named Misha and Sasha. They also have british accents. You can’t beat that shit. Check out these Brit Bangers

Brit Banger twins Suck and Fuck
Misha & Sasha fuck stud outside