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Gotta Fuck That Hot Mess

Ever get aroused by a fucking hot mess? Ya. Tell me about it. Sometimes crazy girls with issues are just sexy. I have this notion that they fuck better. Half of my ex girlfriends were nutty bonanza with a side of crazy pills…and fucked like champs!

This post is dedicated to all the girls with a wild look in their eye, prescription downers, and daddy issues. I love you, baby.

You know you crave crazy eyes staring up at you during a blow job...

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Tiffany Towers Lesbian Pretzel Fuck

Tiffany Towers is mostly known for her being the hot blonde with the huge breasts. Today I’d like us all to take a moment to appreciate her flexible little body. This is what I call “lesbian pretzel fuck.”

And if that was me fucking her…I’d nibble on her clit until she was screaming and then dildo her in that very same position. Not to brag, but I’m sure I could get her to squirt.

If you’re having similar fantasies about the busty Tiffany Towers, check out these retro sets and vids for free. You can thank your favorite lesbian later. Happy Tuesday! xoxo

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Brown Bag Sluts…

We’ve all said it. “Yeah I’d brown bag that slut”. Meaning, I’d fuck her, but she’s so ugly I need to cover up her face. Well apparently the brown bag approach really does work. I mean you have to watch out for the paper cuts…but fuck it. If she’s that ugly…and you’re that horny. It’s win win.

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