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GAYVN Awards 2007

GAY Sluts & Snarking Overtime @ GAYVN Awards 2007
I told you that this show was going to be awesome. The GAYVN Awards had major technical issues this year but the homo hecklers made up for it 10fold. While Savanna Samson’s areola’s popped up on stage, a boy behind me yelled “I see your tit-ies, bitch.” During a longer speech made by a OG Pornographer someone yelled out “yay for fags. move on.” It seriously had me rolling. Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita picked up most of the major awards. He had the same silly pout for the whole show. As he was giving his 800th speech at the podium, someone yelled “Anti Christ!;)

Kathy Griffin was a riot, despite her father dying last week. She was a real highlight of the show and received numerous standing ovations. Even though she didn’t know who any of the stars were, she was able to play off of some of the dumb boys who were presenting. Idiotic stunt cocks who pronounced Pro-Am as “Pro Aim” got dissed by Kathy in a NY min. Hot.

Enjoy the rest of TJ’s GAYVN Awards Show & Afterparty photos on Flickr. Also, check out the major sponsor of the evening, NakedSword! I would talk more about the Afterparty, but you know what they say…”what happens at the Porn Palace, Stays at the Porn Palace.” Well, unless you have a membership to this site.

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GAYVN Awards and Afterparty

GAYVN is being hosted in San Francisco this year. Not only is it in my back yard, but it’s being hosted by none other but Kathy Griffin. *sigh* It’s really too bad she didn’t go lesbo after that asshat stole $$ from her. Anyhoo…

Kathy Griffin is one hot irish piece of ass!
If you’re going to be in town, the GAYVN Awards are on February 24th. The red carpet is being hosted by the fabulous Tim & Roma (of NakedSword). Some of you remember me posting about their fabulous talk show back in the day.

Speaking of NakedSword, they’re hosting the GAYVN Afterparty at the Porn Palace. It will include dancers from Falcon Studios and Rascal Video. Chi Chi LaRue will be the dee-jaying for the evening. And clearly you’ll all come to party with muoi. Hellooooo!

Seriously. Don’t snooze on this one. It will be a night to remember. I’m going to start the evening off by trying to bang Kathy and end it dancing with the hottest gay boys ever. It’ll be just like prom!

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You don’t need our tongue either…


Now I love our friends over at They throw some pretty sick parties, and a kick ass happy hour on fridays. But you guys have to give a guy a break. I know everyone woman will completely disagree with me, but you guys with your machines are just making it impossible to be a good lover. In the photo above, if you can’t tell, it’s a machine with a bunch of tongues attached to a screw driver. As you press the button the tongues lick your pussy faster and faster which makes Annie Cruz cum faster than japanes business man fucking a hooker. Not only does she cum quick, but she shoots her load right in Gary’s face.

Check out the Tongue Machine

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