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Lowrider Sluts…

Here’s a little insight into me. I’m mexican, and like all mexicans, I was, at one time, obsessed with lowriders. I had lowrider posters that covered every inch of my walls. Any car I saw I wanted to lower it and put daytons on it. Obsessed! Another part of being obsessed with lowriders is being a subscriber to Lowrider Magazine. I’ve jacked off more times to lowrider magazine than any other publication on the planet. Including all the porn I watch now and that’s saying something. I just remember them having the hottest fucking models ever. Fucking gorgeous mexican models in aztec costumes with their fat asses hanging out. Sometimes an occasional asian thrown into the mix. I mean I remember thinking to myself once I get a car like that I’ll be fucking women like that. This whole thought started with this picture of Daniella Alonso.

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