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Havana Ginger, What’s Areolas in Spanish?

I know how much you bustas love areolas, so I thought I’d draw your attention to in the incomparable, Havana Ginger.

I can’t help but to get boners to this sexy latina and her DD tits. I bet her areolas taste like Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas. MMmmmm… Mexican Pizza.

Have fun beating to these fun bags!

Also check out Susie Sparks giant areolas HERE!

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Biggest Boobs in the Universe…


I don’t know why, but Asian Porn is just flying at me left and right. This one I had to post. I wrote about Farang Ding Dong awhile ago, but left with a feeling of fakeness. Then today this shows up. An asian named Rina Rockets, with even bigger boobs that Farang. It’s weird cause she’s wearing a wig, but they look much realer than Farang. But those nipples don’t look very sexy. I mean they do kinda look like chocolate melting, so maybe I can just think about that before I put them in my mouth. Check out the main page with the whiteys on there. Their boobs look like they should be on Jerry Springer but they actually do look real. Also check out that animated video at the top. Milk is flying everywhere. I love Asian Day!

Posted by   CrackaAss