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Show Me Your Tits, Corin Riggs

Corin Riggs is fucking hot. One problem, I don’t know what her tattys look like. One solution, show me your tatty’s Corin Riggs.

Any chick that can give me a raging boner while wearing a skirt and top deserves to have her boobies be seen (that didn’t make sense, did it?).

Look at them, though! They look so fucking tasty. Stop teasing us Corin, and unleash the beasts!

I want to titty fuck you!!

But, until then, I”ll just jerk off to your cleavage. How fun :\

The Incomprable Vikki Blows

Vikki Mother Fucking Blows.

Vikki Blows is the wind beneath my wings. She’s the light at end of my tunnel. She’s the nipple at the end of my tit.

If the internet is beer, then Vikki Blows is a shot of whiskey. She just makes everything better.

Vikki takes her tittays out a lot, and this, my friends is a very good thing. They’re like the pocket watch that hypnotists use. They’ll put you in a trance where all you can is beat off. This is the best trance ever.

God, I love this girl!

Get mesmerized below!

There’s jizz in your hands right now… I KNOW IT!!

Euro Cola Company “Kofola” Promotes with Topless Models

A Czech soda soda company, Kofola, is promoting their new drink with topless (painted) models. Thank god people are taking pics of this. As an American, I’m used to seeing sexy commercials…but not nude models in public. That’s pretty shocking here. I wonder how much they’re getting paid?

I’d love to see how Pepsi can top this. …perhaps a body shot off of the model?

You can buy it here or watch their sexxxy commercial here.

xoxo, lesbodojo

Guitar Porn

Rock n Roll always brings the whore out of you. Exibit A: Groupies, exhibitionism, sweating, rock gear, leather, etc. And there’s nothing sexier than a hot babe stroking or licking a guitar. Right? So I thought I’d do a mini tribute to guitar porn.

Licky Loo, Baby Boo!

Masuimi Max is the official alt model for Coffin Case guitars. To see the full gallery (of Masuimi posing with this guitar), look here.

Here’s some extra guitar porn for your enjoyment. Rock on! xoxo

GAYVN Awards 2007

GAY Sluts & Snarking Overtime @ GAYVN Awards 2007
I told you that this show was going to be awesome. The GAYVN Awards had major technical issues this year but the homo hecklers made up for it 10fold. While Savanna Samson’s areola’s popped up on stage, a boy behind me yelled “I see your tit-ies, bitch.” During a longer speech made by a OG Pornographer someone yelled out “yay for fags. move on.” It seriously had me rolling. Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita picked up most of the major awards. He had the same silly pout for the whole show. As he was giving his 800th speech at the podium, someone yelled “Anti Christ!;)

Kathy Griffin was a riot, despite her father dying last week. She was a real highlight of the show and received numerous standing ovations. Even though she didn’t know who any of the stars were, she was able to play off of some of the dumb boys who were presenting. Idiotic stunt cocks who pronounced Pro-Am as “Pro Aim” got dissed by Kathy in a NY min. Hot.

Enjoy the rest of TJ’s GAYVN Awards Show & Afterparty photos on Flickr. Also, check out the major sponsor of the evening, NakedSword! I would talk more about the Afterparty, but you know what they say…”what happens at the Porn Palace, Stays at the Porn Palace.” Well, unless you have a membership to this site.

Victoria’s Secret Runway Show 2006: Bringing Sexy Back

Nothing says holiday cheer like tah-tahs nicely cupped by Victoria’s Secret bras. Tonight I watched this mainstream porn phenomena that CBS somehow slides through once a year. This show essentially consists of boobs bouncing down the runway…over and over…until you’re hypnotized and smiling like a stoned retard. Niiice. It was so much better than last year’s runway show. The lingerie was actually really wearable. …which I was keen on. blah blah blah.

Anyway…on with the tah-tahs…

Justin Timberlake was the backdrop of the fashion show this year. I’m Bringing Sexy Back seemed to be the the running theme. They showed clips of the models singing along and doing booty dances. Anyone care to guess how many runway models he’s going to bang tonight? Damn.

Missed out last year? Check out Victoria’s Secret Runway Show from 2005.

Cell Phone Pic of Tatum Reed Kissing Daisy Rock

Tatum Reed just sent me this exclusive pic from her recent trip to London. It looks like Tatum and Daisy Rock really hit it off! I knew that if you put those hot girls in a room together that lesbian action would take place. muha!

See more of Tatum Reed here. Add Tatum Reed on MySpace.

Here’s a sneak Peek at Daisy Rock’s new site. Add Daisy Rock on MySpace.



I don’t know how I get by without fleshbot. Today they sent me over to LuckiCharms, a “modeling agency”.  Well that’s what they call it.  I call it sluts that will take off their clothes for money.  So I guess that makes them strippers.  Never thought about that before.  What is the difference between a model who gets butt naked for a big billboard in time square and a chick that shows you her boobs for a dollar in a strip club?  Is it that the model gets paid tons of money to get naked?  So you have to hit a certain dollar limit to be considered a model if not you’re just a stripper? Ponder on that.  And while you’re pondering check out the hot sluts on LuckiCharms.  There are some hotties on here from pretty much every state in the U.S. of A.  Some though, say they’re not available for nude shoots.  Can’t win em all I guess.


Miss Universe Japan


I know this site is normally about porn, but today it’s about some hot ass japanese girls. More specifically the girls in the running for Miss Universe Japan 2006. Now a couple of these girls I don’t find all that tasty, but I’d still put it in all of them. And the site is pretty fucking sweet as well.

Miss Universe Japan 2006