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girl of the week… Natalie Sparks


Natalie Sparks is hot. Let’s say Jennifer Garner and I had a baby, it would look like Natalie Sparks. I’m not even sure what that means, but it’s true. I first came across Natalie I was, well, masturbating, and her big brown eyes were all I needed. She has big, precious boobies and that’s important. I like outfits on my ladies, and Natalie has many. She’s a 20-year-old hottie, that is fairly new to the naked game. She looks to have a D cup, but I would need to touch them to be sure. I would probably use Natalie’s boobies as punching bags, and she’d like it. Chicks dig that shit, right? She has some webcam shows where she does things like fingerbang herself. I love some watching chicks fingerbang themselves. I like it almost as much as I like saying fingerbang. But wait… there’s more. Natalie has a special little sister, Nicole Sparks. OK, so I am not positive they are sisters, but they are both hot and they have the same last name. So, check them out, and just beat it. Oh… here’s their myspace, so you know.. Natalie and Nicole. Thank God for myspace!

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Meet Natalie Sparks…

We’ve all heard of the queen, Kate from Kate’s Playground, but she’s branched out and started promoting her own girls now. The first of many to come is the sexy slut that goes by the name of Natalie Sparks. I’ve taken the liberty of putting a few photos together for your perverted eyes.

I hope you enjoy. And don’t worry, she’ll start sucking a fat cock soon enough. They always do.

Check out Natalie Sparks “the web’s newest teen sensation”

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