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See Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Naked

Could it be true? Are these really nude pics of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo?

I fucking love nude celeb XXX Pics & Video!!!

A Spanish magazine published a whole set of the couple’s uncensored pics. Yes, there are more! You can view them all here. If these are really Vanessa Minnillo’s boobs, she might want to think about keeping her top AND make up on. A little waxy-wax couldn’t hurt, either. Just my 2 cents!

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Beauty and Braces

The industrial sex appeal of a “metal mouth” has not gone unappreciated by the fetish community.

Girls in braces really lend themselves well to BDSM play. Think about it. Their teeth are bound and tightened regularly for perfection. …creating a throbbing pain. During a blow job, there’s a risk of ripping skin. Sometimes braces can rip up the inside of your mouth. A site called Beauty and Braces has this edgy niche on lock.

They’ve got thousands of erotic videos featuring amateurs (with braces) fucking. Curious? Check out free Beauty and Braces galleries here, here, here, here, and here.

You can thank your favorite lesbian l8r. xoxo

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All Naked Hotties Rejoice on 4/20 Day

What better way of celebrating 4/20 then by giving thanks to women who toke naked. I’d also like to give a special shot out to the creative folks at beaverbong who smoke a fresh bowl of juicy pussy daily. Clearly, they’re smoking for medicinal use, so it’s A-OK. ;)

If you really want to celebrate tonight, jerk off to the erotica found on 420girls and beaverbong. Those are the best premium sites for hot stoner action.

Also, check out these flickr photos of non nude amateur babes smoking. And for our gay readers, check out these flickr guys smoking.

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GAYVN Awards 2007

GAY Sluts & Snarking Overtime @ GAYVN Awards 2007
I told you that this show was going to be awesome. The GAYVN Awards had major technical issues this year but the homo hecklers made up for it 10fold. While Savanna Samson’s areola’s popped up on stage, a boy behind me yelled “I see your tit-ies, bitch.” During a longer speech made by a OG Pornographer someone yelled out “yay for fags. move on.” It seriously had me rolling. Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita picked up most of the major awards. He had the same silly pout for the whole show. As he was giving his 800th speech at the podium, someone yelled “Anti Christ!;)

Kathy Griffin was a riot, despite her father dying last week. She was a real highlight of the show and received numerous standing ovations. Even though she didn’t know who any of the stars were, she was able to play off of some of the dumb boys who were presenting. Idiotic stunt cocks who pronounced Pro-Am as “Pro Aim” got dissed by Kathy in a NY min. Hot.

Enjoy the rest of TJ’s GAYVN Awards Show & Afterparty photos on Flickr. Also, check out the major sponsor of the evening, NakedSword! I would talk more about the Afterparty, but you know what they say…”what happens at the Porn Palace, Stays at the Porn Palace.” Well, unless you have a membership to this site.

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William Shatner…Porn Maker?


William Shatner has been in the media for quite some time now. If it isn’t auctioning off his kidney stone, rapping in a priceline commercial, or just being roasted on comedy central he’s always around. The star trek captain has done it all. And now seems to be dabbling in the porn industry. To add to his huge book of things he’s good at…he is a bit of a photographer these days. Apparently he’s so good that playboy has asked him to shoot Miss May 1998, Deanna Brooks. The photo are pretty good and show off her big round ass, but I like the photos of Shat shooting. He’s all up in her boobage getting that perfect shot.

William Shatner’s Playboy Photos of Deanna Brooks

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I don’t know how I get by without fleshbot. Today they sent me over to LuckiCharms, a “modeling agency”.  Well that’s what they call it.  I call it sluts that will take off their clothes for money.  So I guess that makes them strippers.  Never thought about that before.  What is the difference between a model who gets butt naked for a big billboard in time square and a chick that shows you her boobs for a dollar in a strip club?  Is it that the model gets paid tons of money to get naked?  So you have to hit a certain dollar limit to be considered a model if not you’re just a stripper? Ponder on that.  And while you’re pondering check out the hot sluts on LuckiCharms.  There are some hotties on here from pretty much every state in the U.S. of A.  Some though, say they’re not available for nude shoots.  Can’t win em all I guess.


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Couch Potato…Porn Style


I’m telling you guys Flickr is just the place for porn.  There’s no denying it.  Today a Dirty Hippie sent me a link to merkley???‘s photo set called girls on sofas.  At first read I was like ummmm why do I want to look at girls on a sofa?  But I was happily surprised to see that the girls are actually really hot chicks that are naked and in hot and sexy poses.  It’s pretty sweet.  Not to mention the guy is an amazing photographer.  His ability to create a series is also very apparent as you’ll see.  But don’t stop with the sofas.  Be sure to check out his other sets that share the same professional sex appeal.  chicks , picks , noods , doods , SkyCam , deitadinha , symmetry , #1′s

Check out Girls on Sofas

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Tranny Enema Painting

I was recently introduced to tranny enema painting. Essentially you take a hot tranny and fill her ass with paint. The tranny pulls up her dress and squats on a canvas. She jerks off and blows the paint out of her asshole. Need a visual? Look no further than this video. Porn or Art?

Admit it. You’re slightly upset that you didn’t create this niche/art trend yourself.

Even there are people who jerk off to this, it seems more like art to me. This is the type of art you want to give to an evil boss. When you’re at the holiday party this year and you hear you’re not getting a bonus, think tranny enema painting! He’ll never know that it was made by a tranny’s ass, but you will. la la la

[tranny enema painting] [babe enema painting]

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Perry Gallagher Erotica

I came across this Perry Gallagher photograph today, and was very impressed. His lighting is almost as provoking as his fetishy subject matter and tattooed babes. This photo makes me want to update my profile on so that I can find a beautiful submissive of my own

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Motel Fetish

My friend recently gave me the thoughtful gift of Motel Fetish by Chas Ray Krider. When you practically live in hotels (like I do), sexualizing lamps, bad art, mini fridge Hi-Balls, and starched curtains isn’t so out of the norm. Now enter into the equation: sexy models wearing vintage stockings, Agent Provocateur panties, and fetish heels. Erotic, no?

Every page of this book is filled with incredibly well thought out design, product placement, and retro underwear. He might be my new favorite American erotic photographer. Chas is certainly in the running with photos like these…

If you’ve jumped on the stylish hotel fetish, read/watch this, this, and this.

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