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Exclusive Tatum Reed BDSM Video Clip

If you can’t get enough from Tatum, our beloved PopWhore, you need to download this lesbian bdsm clip. Trust me.

She IM’d me this clip of her getting into bdsm with Chanta Rose. Ooh la la. Chanta’s femdom lesson starts off by slapping Tatum’s breasts hard. After Tatum’s pussy gets wet, Chanta gets her to bend over (and smack her own ass). You have to love the devotion here!

Tatum loves the lesbians. Who am I kidding? She loves a hard dick or 5, too. Some of you might remember me talking about her back in the day. If not, get to know Tatum by adding her to your myspace friends list.

Keep your eye on this post modern erotic genius. Her exploits are getting more and more interesting with each content update.

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GAYVN Awards and Afterparty

GAYVN is being hosted in San Francisco this year. Not only is it in my back yard, but it’s being hosted by none other but Kathy Griffin. *sigh* It’s really too bad she didn’t go lesbo after that asshat stole $$ from her. Anyhoo…

Kathy Griffin is one hot irish piece of ass!
If you’re going to be in town, the GAYVN Awards are on February 24th. The red carpet is being hosted by the fabulous Tim & Roma (of NakedSword). Some of you remember me posting about their fabulous talk show back in the day.

Speaking of NakedSword, they’re hosting the GAYVN Afterparty at the Porn Palace. It will include dancers from Falcon Studios and Rascal Video. Chi Chi LaRue will be the dee-jaying for the evening. And clearly you’ll all come to party with muoi. Hellooooo!

Seriously. Don’t snooze on this one. It will be a night to remember. I’m going to start the evening off by trying to bang Kathy and end it dancing with the hottest gay boys ever. It’ll be just like prom!

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Interracial Gangbang with Tatum Reed

I had an interesting IM chat today with none other than Tatum Reed. We talked about interracial sex. This exclusive video of Tatum’s interracial gangbang seemed really out of character.

She said, “perhaps it’s the way my waspy mother would disapprove, or the way their huge cocks stuff me full. After speaking with my therapist about the titilation of it, I decided to fuck four black cocks, suck on them, gag on them, and take them in my ass.” …and here I thought Episcopalian girls were conservative!

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Tatum Reed Eats Asshole Video

Even conservative episcopalian girls like Tatum Reed love licking assholes. Click the pic to download this special lesbo rim job video. Sound on, folks!

View all Tatum’s video updates here. Also check back with us for exclusive Tatum Reed videos.

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Cell Phone Pic of Tatum Reed Kissing Daisy Rock

Tatum Reed just sent me this exclusive pic from her recent trip to London. It looks like Tatum and Daisy Rock really hit it off! I knew that if you put those hot girls in a room together that lesbian action would take place. muha!

See more of Tatum Reed here. Add Tatum Reed on MySpace.

Here’s a sneak Peek at Daisy Rock’s new site. Add Daisy Rock on MySpace.

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PopBoys: Tricking Teen Pop Star Wannabes

I’m on a twink kick. What can I say?

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I ran into a producer named Ben Huller. He created the super cute porn site called PopBoys. This site offers exclusive gay teen video that’s a cross between japanimation, boy bands, and candy.

Yay for pop star boy candy. These young starlets will do anything to become a star. I only wish that they’d let the boys post hopeful mp3s (demos of them singing) on their profile page. That would be hilarious.

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PopWhore Lover…

It’s hard for me to admit that I don’t know who Tatum Reed is. At least I didn’t until Fucking Lesbo turned me onto her. Fucking ey, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out. I mean she’s not this drop dead gorgeous chick or anything, but her films are dirty. But still in a very artistic sexy fucking way. Check out some of her trailers and you’ll know what I’m talking about. But this is the real reason I’m in love with this chick. From Her Bio:

Tatum Reed is Popwhore. Popwhore is Tatum Reed.

If you aren’t into big words, here is the bio for you: I LOVE BIG COCKS and I love sucking on them and making my pussy so wet that I make you stuff me full. I then pull your cock out and put it into my gaping asshole and then take your cum all over my face. That is all you wanted to know about me-right? Yeah, I thought so.

I mean if that doesn’t instantly make you love a female I don’t know what will. Anyway check out some hot Tatum video titles and sites she’s featured on such as: Who’s Next in Porn #2, West Coast Gangbangs, Book Worm Bitches, and some in the Bang Bros collection. I love her.

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