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Why Aren’t You Reading James Deen’s Blog?

Cause you should be. James Deen is the guy you’ve never heard of, but have always had the unfortunate pleasure of blowing your load to at the worst moment when his dick appears on screen (Noo… no…. splurg!).

There is nothing I hate worse than blowing my load when a dude’s peen takes center stage. It’s like a failed beat session.

Speaking of, every morning in San Francisco, I pass The Beat Museum. It’s on Broadway and is for The Beat Generation of Kerouac, Ginsberg, etc. I laugh, shit you not, every fucking time I pass The Beat Museum. And, the fact that there was an entire generation dedicated to Beating fucking slays me.

What was I talking about? Oh, read James Deen’s blog. It’s genius and he posts photos of his dick inside of pornstars.

Batman Be Fuckin’

Finally, we can see what it would have been like had the cameras been on Adam West the person, instead of Adam West the Batman.

Cause y’all bitches know he was fuckin’ everybody. I mean, if you were the Caped Crusader, wouldn’t you have been tagging Catwoman, Batgirl and Poison Ivy? Not mention Vikki Vale… Vik, Vik, Vikki Vale.

Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about Batman XXX – Porn Parody from Vivid. Hell, I started beating to the trailer, and there’s no nudity.

Damn, I’m so pumped to see Tori Black as Catwoman.

Be serious, how many of y’all weirdos want to see Bruce Wayne and Alfred tag team Catwoman while Robin beats off in the corner? I know I do!

Charmane Star is Sexy Asian Yum Yums

What the fuck does Sexy Asian Yum Yums mean? Hell if I know, but I like it.

Charmane Star is ridicuhot. I want to stick my crab so far up her wonton that cream cheese pours out. That’s how hot she is!

Wait, how hot is Charmane Star? She’s so hot I’d let her punch me in the asshole just so I could fuck her. That’s how hot she is!

Wait… wait… how hot is Charmane Star? I’d fuck her little Asian grandma just to tell my friends that I fuck the woman who gave birth to the woman who gave birth to Charmane Star. Yes! That’s how hot she is!

Find more Asian sexy time HERE

Eva Angelina, My Dick Loves You

If there’s one chick who, hands down, every time makes my dick point North, it’s Eva Angelina. She’s ball-dropping hot, sucks a mean dick and has a vagina that’s unlocked 4 mysteries of the world.

She actually left porn in for a bit (eff you, boyfriend), went to school and worked at Macaroni Grill in SoCal.

How she hasn’t made this into a film yet, is beyond me. Who doesn’t want to see Eva in a sexy Macaroni Grill uniform getting plowed by everyone from the busboys to her shift manager.

And, what if you’re working at Macaroni Grill at that time? Is there anyway you can live with yourself if you didn’t fuck her? Of course not. Well, lucky for the rest of us, we can continue to beat to her whenever we’d like. Never leave us again, Eva.

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Buy Mary Carey’s Implants on Ebay

No, seriously. Mary Carey is selling her beloved implants on Ebay. It’s not a hoax. The current bid is $12,526.33! If you won, you could feel her up anytime you wanted.

omg i love mary carey. i wish she was lesbo.

Bidding ends on December 13th, folks. Go for it!

Mary recently said “Now that I’m sober, I wanted a new physical state to go along with my new mental state….I thought the auction would be a great way to spread some holiday cheer and to make sure someone out there has a Mary Mary Christmas.”
omg i love mary carey. i wish she was lesbo.

I’ve had a crush on Mary Carey for hella long. Ever since she mistook me for a plumper pornstar at the kick off party for Could You Be a Pornstar in Vegas. *sigh*

Belladonna Will Not Be Starring In Anymore B/G Hardcore

She's got a great looking ASSHOLE!

Before you start crying, please know that Belladonna is NOT LEAVING the business! She is concerned about all the medical risks involved with being a hardcore pornstar. She’s relatively clean (minus herpes), and she’d rather call it a day while that’s still the case.

She wrote this VERY personal message on her myspace blog today:

“I will no longer be performing with other people. I’ll still be doing solo scenes for extras on my movies and also directing, dancing and signings.

This is really a big decision for me and it hurts me in some ways, but the way I look at… it’s time to let me body relax. I just don’t want to risk getting Herpes all over my body, or in my eyes, or genital warts or even HIV Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the business, I’m just not going to be performing in front of the camera anymore. I know that is why a lot of you are my fans, but I hope you continue to be a fan of my work directing and behind the camera in the years to come. I can’t thank you all enough for supporting my career throughout the years! And I’ll still be here telling you all about my adventures in life and all of the other really hot guys and girls I’ve been shooting. So don’t go anywhere yet, I have much more in store for you.”

I feel honored to have watched her career blossom in this way. Something tells me that Belladonna’s going to make one hell of a porn director.

She's got a great looking ASSHOLE!

Here are some free hardcore videos featuring the amazing Belladonna: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. If you like what you see, check out Bella Loves Jenna. It’s a rather perfect way to celebrate 2 ex pornstars who made a huge impact on the biz.

Jenna Jameson’s Live Cam Show

What were you doing from 5:30-7:30pm PST last night? Jenna Jameson gave her first official cam show in over 3 years. Don’t you think it’s rather amazing that someone who’s successful as Jenna Jameson would take the time to do a live cam show on Most models get too egotistical early on in their career to be bothered with such member benefits. Despite what some may say about her current physique, I admire her success and willingness to work (even though she doesn’t have to). Jenna actually cares about her fans.

I learned from the chat room that she is still planning to release a remake of The Secretary. It stars her and Jay, and it’s going to be tight. For those of you who enjoy power play and d/s scenes, this movie will be right up your alley. It should be released in late October. I’ll post a review about this movie when it’s released.

Until then, you can rub one out to some free Jenna videos here, here, here, here, and here. Also, I highly suggest signing up for an account to Club Jenna. That way, you won’t miss her next live cam show and chat session. Just my 2 cents. ;)

Meet Hung Lo…


Now I know when you hear the cliche name Hung Lo you picture that same ole same ole pornstar. You know the ripped up tan guy, with no body hair, and a 12 inch penis right? Well you’re fucking wrong. Hung Lo is the best thing in porn since vibrator accessory to the ipod.

Hung Lo is the only true, Chinese-speaking male fuck toy who devastates his white female counterparts with his massive 5″ member. With over a billion Chinese people in the world, these girls will do anything to see why the Chinese are so fertile … as long as Hung Lo is up to the task.

Watch the Trailer of this little penis going to town on hot white women

Girl of the Week… Eve Angel


Where to start? Eve has been around for a little while, and yet I still can’t stop looking at her. She’s so hot it makes my balls hurt. Seriously, they hurt. I may need to go and get this looked at. It’s not normal, is it? Well, regardless, it’s worth it, because Eve is amazing. She’s a fucking hot Hungarian, who loves to be naked. Isn’t that what we all want: hot, naked Hungarians? Honestly, Eve Angel is arguably the first Hungarian I have ever seen, but if this is a sign of the women there, then I’m moving to Hungry. Think of the limitless amount of Hungry jokes I could use. Eve started fucking at about 17, and we in America had to wait one more year before we could watch it. My favorite thing about Eve is that while she enjoys modeling right now, she aspires to be an archaeologist (note, it’s spelled wrong in the bio:). Cute isn’t it? Dream on Eve, but for right now we’re going to go ahead and excavate your vag. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a mecca of Eve galleries. Just a warning, there may be pop-ups, and there may be spam. I’m sorry, but I didn’t go through them all. Suffice it say, after the second gallery I was finished. Also, for a special treat, and because she’s my favorite, here’s her first screen test. Her pleasure-love sounds may resemble a goat being slaughtered, but seriously, who doesn’t love that?


Girl of the Week… Lucia Tovar


Aye Dios Mio! For you Spanish impaired, that means “oh my god.” At least, I think it does. I also thought “Quiero el sexo de chico” meant, “Where’s the bathroom.” After a strange Mexican encounter, I learned that it really meant, “I like boy sex.” Point being, Lucia Tovar is a fucking hot Latina. Growing up in Texas means that I have a special place in my heart for Latinas. They are muy caliente, and really good in bed. Of course, Lucia is no different, and that is how she was awarded Girl of the Week. Lucia has the body of an Aztec Goddess, and the tits of a girl who had a boob job. Put those together and you have a winner. Lucia actually started at Hooters and slowly fucked her way to Playboy. Why was I invited to help her make it to the top? I’m important. She’ll do it all for you, too. Don’t believe me? Just check her site, Damn, Lucia, I love you.