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GAYVN Awards 2007

GAY Sluts & Snarking Overtime @ GAYVN Awards 2007
I told you that this show was going to be awesome. The GAYVN Awards had major technical issues this year but the homo hecklers made up for it 10fold. While Savanna Samson’s areola’s popped up on stage, a boy behind me yelled “I see your tit-ies, bitch.” During a longer speech made by a OG Pornographer someone yelled out “yay for fags. move on.” It seriously had me rolling. Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita picked up most of the major awards. He had the same silly pout for the whole show. As he was giving his 800th speech at the podium, someone yelled “Anti Christ!;)

Kathy Griffin was a riot, despite her father dying last week. She was a real highlight of the show and received numerous standing ovations. Even though she didn’t know who any of the stars were, she was able to play off of some of the dumb boys who were presenting. Idiotic stunt cocks who pronounced Pro-Am as “Pro Aim” got dissed by Kathy in a NY min. Hot.

Enjoy the rest of TJ’s GAYVN Awards Show & Afterparty photos on Flickr. Also, check out the major sponsor of the evening, NakedSword! I would talk more about the Afterparty, but you know what they say…”what happens at the Porn Palace, Stays at the Porn Palace.” Well, unless you have a membership to this site.

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Flashing Porn

I watched Savanna Samson’s movie, Flasher, the other night. um, HOT! It was great seeing Savanna portray a woman who reached orgasm by exposing herself in public. Savanna actually looks drunk with passion in this film. I highly suggest it to fans of girl flashing! Fast-forward until you get to the party scene with the other 2 girls. Just trust me on this one.

Click to Watch Savanna Samson's Flasher!

Flashing also brings to mind Melissa Midwest. She’s constantly being harassed by the police in her town for public nudity. Check out some of her public flashing galleries here. She’s been arrested for it, actually. Watch her real police video here.

Personally, I think flashing is really exciting and sexy. I wish that the US would follow in Canada’s footsteps by allowing girls to be topless in public. Who’s with me? Throw your fist in the air!

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