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Emo Celeb Porn

Being a hot celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be. Money, fame, personal trainers, fans, gift bags, VIP everything… Lindsay works hard for the money, but you can tell she’s still kinda emo. When she’s trippin ballz at her luxury apt, she’s still so alone. [awww]

Whatever… she makes emo look sexy!

Lindsay Lohan = Sexy Emo Lesbo Slut!!! Clearly!!!

So are Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Minnillo lesbo cutters or what?

Oh, and more sexy emo pics of Lohan…

Lindsay Lohan = Sexy Emo Lesbo Slut!!! Clearly!!!

You know that this photo series probably has an all-nude lesbo side that hasn’t leaked yet. One can only hope that we’ll get a chance to see those, too.

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Guitar Porn

Rock n Roll always brings the whore out of you. Exibit A: Groupies, exhibitionism, sweating, rock gear, leather, etc. And there’s nothing sexier than a hot babe stroking or licking a guitar. Right? So I thought I’d do a mini tribute to guitar porn.

Licky Loo, Baby Boo!

Masuimi Max is the official alt model for Coffin Case guitars. To see the full gallery (of Masuimi posing with this guitar), look here.

Here’s some extra guitar porn for your enjoyment. Rock on! xoxo

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Flickr Sluts Galore!!!


It’s been awhile since I did a little searching through the millions of porn esque photos hiding on flickr.  For some reason today I just felt the need to dive in.  And everything happens for a reason cause today I found a fucking gold mine. RealMonsterSahh is the fucking man.  I think it’s a man anyway.  I mean either a man or a lesbian based on all the hot Multiple Hot Chicks photos there are.  And these aren’t just your boring photos either they’re all fucking hot.  But that’s not all don’t you dare not take a peep at some of his other great photo sets which include:  Boobs and Booze, Life Preservers, Self Shots, BBW, and Solo Chicks.  All are fucking as good as the previous.  I have a new best friend. I love flickr porn!

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I’m the next American Idol


For the past 6 years I have debated on whether or not I should try out for American Idol. I’m not the best of singers, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t pretty fucking sexy. Isn’t that what really counts anyways? I mean, most of those kids are no talent ass-clowns, but they get to Hollywood based on their looks. Each year some one asks, “Toph, are you going to try out for American Idol?” And each year I respond, “No, I’m going to be fucking.” Yes, fucking is more important to me than winning American Idol. Well, that was until a few years ago when it was announced that Paula Abdul had sex with one of the contestants. Why wasn’t I made aware that I could Rush Rush into Paula’s vag? Or, that we could take two steps forward and one step back in the bedroom? Those are the only Paula Abdul songs I know, sorry. We all know that she loves her some weed, at least it appears so. After hearing that story, I figured that I, like Paula, could blend both my love for American Idol and my love for pokin’. Then from out of the skies, I found Desperate Popstars. I love desperate chicks. These chicks may be the worst singers ever, and isn’t that the best part of American Idol anyways? They are also really fuckin’ hot, and have lots of sex. There may not be a better combination, but yes, there’s more. The two dudes sound like Borat mixed with a donkey. Think about it. So, let’s recap, shall we? Bad singers, Borat, hot chicks, fucking, and Paula Abdul naked… oh wait… never mind.


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Flashing Porn

I watched Savanna Samson’s movie, Flasher, the other night. um, HOT! It was great seeing Savanna portray a woman who reached orgasm by exposing herself in public. Savanna actually looks drunk with passion in this film. I highly suggest it to fans of girl flashing! Fast-forward until you get to the party scene with the other 2 girls. Just trust me on this one.

Click to Watch Savanna Samson's Flasher!

Flashing also brings to mind Melissa Midwest. She’s constantly being harassed by the police in her town for public nudity. Check out some of her public flashing galleries here. She’s been arrested for it, actually. Watch her real police video here.

Personally, I think flashing is really exciting and sexy. I wish that the US would follow in Canada’s footsteps by allowing girls to be topless in public. Who’s with me? Throw your fist in the air!

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Miss USA May Lose Crown Due To Lesbian Sex And Drugs – wtf?!

Hot Lesbians Are In Trouble? wtf?!

It looks like Miss USA (Tara Conner) may lose her crown soon. Miss USA (of Kentucky) is accused of underaged drinking, cocaine use, and making out with Miss Teen USA. That’s right, guys. Miss USA has been making out with Miss Teen USA (Katie Blair). Over and over and over. And in public. Lawdamercy!

Donald Trump is said to be considering the situation. He should have a final decision on the crown soon. Seriously, though. What’s to decide? If two hot chicks want to share their passion, LET THEM!

UPDATE: Tara is not going to lose her crown. She’s going to rehab! Watch her cry about it in this press conference video.

Speaking of crowns, check out these topless pics of Crystal Klein in a tiara.

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Cumshots Aim for Eyeballs

To my surprise, pink eye is a fetish. Guys jerk off into open eyeballs. These girls catch a sting-y load of cum in the eye, squirm, and pretend that they like it just for you. How accommodating!

Clearly, the girls who agree to this extreme act aren’t the hottest babes. Yet sometimes the act is more important than the actress. If you haven’t said “what the fuck” enough today, you may want to catch a few of their videos in the eye.

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Big 12 Playboy Girls 2006…

Big 12 Playboy Girls 2006

You know you’ve been waiting for it all year. Well it’s finally here. College sluts 2006. Playboy does a great job of picking hot sexy sluts for us all to enjoy and spend many of hours jacking off to. Here’s who caught my eye. Thanks Hef.

Check out Playboy’s Big 12 Girls
source: Daily Niner

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