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MyFreeCams – Say Bye to Your Day

When I found out about MyFreeCams my productivity increased 40%. Unless, of course, you don’t consider beating off to cam girls productive. Lucky for us, I do.

MyFreeCams absolutely rules. I don’t think I’ve ever seen less than 500 girls online at once, and you can find some fucking gems.

I clicked in a room the other day, and found a girl fingerbanging so hard she started squirting all over her bed. This is what we should be watching at work!

Check out some of my favorites – SweetBabyToy, MelissaM, Jade_Fox and, of course, the super fucking hot TaliaShepard.

Y’all have a great weekend. Fuck everybody!!

Sex Accidents & WTF Porn

That’s right, folks. I’d like to take a brief moment to review some of the most awesome (the worst, really) possible sex. You know sometimes the best porn is the type you can pass around to your friends and scream “eww” over. If you can add to our list, please do so in the comments section. You don’t have to admit that you did it, as you’re amongst friends here. I’ll add video examples, for your viewing pleasure.

Scary Rad Sex (in no mother fucking order)…

1. Messy Anal and Sharting

2. Tampon Surprise

3. Oops You Have a Dick Too

4. Sharp Teeth on Dick

5. Oops I Got Horny & Fucked a Rubber Chicken

6. Oops I found Jesus after this Hardcore Scene

7. Oh snap, you put our sex tape on the internet!

8. Eating Your Own Jizz is Kinda Nasty

9. Cum Shot in Eye aka Pink Eye

10. Pornstar Bloopers During Shoot aka Outtakes :)

11. Drunk Chicks Barfing During Sex

12. Homeless People Sex

Lesbians Love to Swallow Her Squirt

I have been wasting so many hours on I admit it. I have a grin from ear to ear. The premise? During a sexy 3-way, one of the chicks will ejaculate and the other girl will slurp it up and swallow. *blush* tee hee. Loves it.Oh shit?! She guzzled her whole fucking jizz load!

That’s right. They serve up fresh 100% female ejaculation every fucking time. It’s refreshing to watch girls truly getting off for a change. There’s no faking it here, folks. Some of these girls swallow a quart of female juice at a time. There’s no way they could do that with a smile, if they weren’t super into it.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of these high resolution squirting vids for free…

New Squirt-Swallow Videos: 1, 2, 3, & 4

I know. I know. I am your favorite lesbian wingman. xoxo, Enjoy!

Tranny Enema Painting

I was recently introduced to tranny enema painting. Essentially you take a hot tranny and fill her ass with paint. The tranny pulls up her dress and squats on a canvas. She jerks off and blows the paint out of her asshole. Need a visual? Look no further than this video. Porn or Art?

Admit it. You’re slightly upset that you didn’t create this niche/art trend yourself.

Even there are people who jerk off to this, it seems more like art to me. This is the type of art you want to give to an evil boss. When you’re at the holiday party this year and you hear you’re not getting a bonus, think tranny enema painting! He’ll never know that it was made by a tranny’s ass, but you will. la la la

[tranny enema painting] [babe enema painting]

Female Ejaculation Exists…

Far be it for me to disagree with SugarBank, but here I go… One of my ex girlfriends was a squirter, and fucking her was so much fun. Sure, it’s messy if you don’t lay down towels first. Sure, it can take you off guard if you’re mowing the muff. Bringing your girlfriend to an orgasm so raw that she would loose control and release clear cum all over the bed is quite satisfying.

squirting girls

Let’s forget the discussion on if it’s really urine or cum for a second. Don’t you want to bring your lover to a face clenching, uncontrollable orgasm? Don’t you want to be the favorite lover of each girl you sleep with? Alright-y, then. In this case, it doesn’t matter what female ejaculation is. I’d venture to say that there has not been enough research on this subject to qualify a stance one way or the other.

Bottom Line: hot women getting off is a good thing! If you haven’t fucked a juicy squirter yet, put an ad on Craigslist or create a profile on AFF. I dare you. You can thank me later. xoxo

Squirting should be an olympic event.

Every guy loves cumming all over a girl’s face. It’s a fact. To feel that tingly sensation, and then watch it fly all over her face and just drip down her slutty neck. It’s the best way to end an orgasm. Any guy that says he’s not into it is a fucking liar, and he’s just trying to be the “I’m respectful to women and would never do that” bullshitter. But there are a few girls out there that get to have their revenge on us, facializing men. These girls are referred to as “Squirters.” If you’re into almost drowning in your girl’s cum. These girls are for you. If not, you better watch out when you’re going down on your girl for the first time. You might drown.

Here are a couple of other squirting sites that are worth a look.
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