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MyFreeCams – Say Bye to Your Day

When I found out about MyFreeCams my productivity increased 40%. Unless, of course, you don’t consider beating off to cam girls productive. Lucky for us, I do.

MyFreeCams absolutely rules. I don’t think I’ve ever seen less than 500 girls online at once, and you can find some fucking gems.

I clicked in a room the other day, and found a girl fingerbanging so hard she started squirting all over her bed. This is what we should be watching at work!

Check out some of my favorites – SweetBabyToy, MelissaM, Jade_Fox and, of course, the super fucking hot TaliaShepard.

Y’all have a great weekend. Fuck everybody!!

Talia Shepard Will Blow Your Mind…

… and balls.

As I mentioned, while in Phoenix, Talia Shepard floored me every time I saw her. Never a shy person, I couldn’t even bring myself to say hello, you are awesome.

So who is that amazing chick, that was also a Twisty’s Treat of the Month?

Well, she’s from Texas, lives in Arizona has some real/amazing tattys and she sure plays a mean dodgeball.

Enjoy this amazing chick, cause I know I do.

Check out some galleries:

Talia Pink Bra

Talia White Dress

Talia Fucking Hot Black Dress

Talia Bikini

And check out her new site and her twitter @taliashepard

Pornzio at The Phoenix Forum 2010

Have I ever mentioned that my job fucking rules? No? Well, it fucking does.

This past week Pornzio had the distinct pleasure of attending The Phoenix Forum.

It’s gotta be, hands down, the best adult tradeshow in the world. Not only is right by Arizona State (the horniest school in the land), right across from the world’s sexiest Hooters and crawling with the internet’s hottest porn stars. (This is why you shouldn’t write with a boner… reread it, and forgot the payoff) But, it’s a place where business gets done. Yeah, apparently we also show up here for business.

Oh, wait, did I mention naked dodgeball hosted by Lightspeed?

I’ve uploaded a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Sorry if you couldn’t be there. I particularly enjoyed Talia Shepard (dear Jebus she’s amazing) and Janessa Brazil.

Is this real life?