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Girl of the Week… Kari Sweets

Let’s all think back, shall we? Let’s think back to a time when we were 18. For me it’s not too hard, because it wasn’t that long ago, but for some of you, just pretend. When I was graduated high school I had a world of possibilities ahead of me. College was around the corner, where I would study law and theatre and make something of myself. I, of course, ended up here on Pornzio. Follow your dreams children! Kari Sweets is 18, and cameras are staring her in face. Oddly enough, she ended up here, too, and thank God for it. Not so much Pornzio, but porn, which is close enough. I like to beat to Kari, and writing about her is even better. It sort of justifies my travels from 18 to now, because when I was 18, I don’t remember chicks looking like that. Actually, I do, and I fucked them, but that doesn’t make for a very good story, now does it? Kari is so hot, Front Magazine named her #2 chick on the net. Right behind, Raven Riley, who I choose not to write about, because if I did I would start beating off at work, and people would get mad at me. (Those damn conservative bitches.) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the sweetness of Kari Sweets. What? You knew I would use that! Kari Sweets is so fucking cute. She looks like a little lion who wants to have candy and sex. I fucking love candy and sex. As always, click for her myspace. Late.

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Meet True Tere…


Mexican women sometimes get a bad rap. They’re ghetto, they get fat, they have sideburns, but when they’re young…they’re beautiful. I guess it’s like that with any race. You have your glory years. But with mexican women…something just happens and it’s over. Well luckily True Tere hasn’t hit those horrible years yet. She’s still in the OH MY GOD I’M FUCKING HOT years. She’s not doing nude yet, but I always give these girls time. They’ll take after Raven soon enough and will be stuffing that mouth full of cock. Until then you’ll have to deal with these non nude galleries.


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Yunjin Kim “lost” her clothes…

Yunjin Kim

Since I started my day looking at asian porn, I figured I’d just keep that energy flowing. So I found over at Asian Sirens that Yunjin Kim, the asian from lost, is on the cover of Stuff Magazine. All I can really say is FINALLY! I mean the girl is hot, but on the show she’s always wearing jeans and fucking button up shirt. I mean you’re on an island. Lose the clothes and fucking show me some skin. Anyway she finally did somewhere at least. Check out the photos.

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Raven Riley Gives Good Fleshlight

Clearly, Raven Riley gives one hell of a handjob herself. That’s a fucking fact. Yet watching Raven jerk off her man with a fleshlight just takes the hotness to a whole other level. Agree? Check out this POV.
Make it nice, baby. Make it nice.

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Vida Guerra…

How the name Vida Guerra has passed me by I have no idea. I mean I recognize her ass from a FHM issue. But I mean I don’t read those things. I just jack off on the magazine and wait for next month’s to come. But I did a search for best ass today and she was at the top of my list. Not only that but Phun has put a collection of all of her ass all nice and neat for y ou to enjoy. Here’s here M.O.

Vida Guerra (born Havana, Cuba), is a Cuban-born American model and occasional actress and singer. Her first notable appearance was in a photoshoot for the U.S. edition of FHM magazine, and since then, she has modeled for many other men’s magazines, including Playboy. She often appears on Spanish television shows and is well known because of her large buttocks, which are usually accentuated in her photographs.

Okay there’s not much else to say about her. I mean just look at that ass! It’s perfection. Tan, round, just screams spank me and then cum all over my left cheek. That’s what it’s screaming to me anyway. It’s so nice she deserves another picture on pornzio. So here. Click the photos or this link to see her beautiful ass gallery.

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Tanline Sex…

This one I couldn’t really wrap my head around, but it did go along with my previous brazil post. Tan Line Sex, so I guess meaning guys that have a fetish of beach bikini babes. So they get the white triangle around their nipples and the big white box around their snatch. Personally I’m not a fan. I love a tan ass, but the whole ass. But either way I just thought it was a new twist on a personal fetish. These girls are right up my alley though. Hot, tan, big ole asses, they have to be from brazil or close by. Check out Tan Line Sex

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I Love Brazil…

I’ve always had a fascination with brazil. When I was younger I worked at a paint shop that had only brazilian immigrant workers. It was then that I saw the difference in a woman’s ass and a brazilian woman’s ass. I’ve been hooked ever since. And it was like someone was trying to tell me something today, cause I’ve just come across nothing but hot brazilian ass. First the photo above of two hot tan ladies beating the shit out of each other, then this gallery from Mike in brazil with the hottest brown slut with green eyes sucks 2 cocks, and now I come across Miss Reef Brazil who’s ass is so fucking amazing I had to go to the bathroom for a bit.

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Free Teen Slut Photos…

Who doesn’t like to see young girls doing bad things? If you answered yes to that question go ahead and go to another site cause that’s what we’re all about. I came across a site that’s just that. Real girls taking photos of themselves showing ass and titties. No big time porn, but I think you can use your imagination. Free Teen Porn

If you do want some good teen porn though check these out:
Club Seventeen
Couples Seduce Teens
Try Teens

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Music Videos = Poor Man’s Porn

Benny Benassi is a bad ass. For those of you who don’t know who he is the brilliant mind behind the music and the video that I’ve jacked off to more times than my Love Me Long Time dvd. The first video was called Satisfaction and you can check it out here. It’s still hot as hell. His new creation is called Who’s Your Daddy. The great thing about this music is that it’s not just great to watch, but it’s great music to fuck your girl’s brains out to. Check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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Pornstar Wednesday ( Galore ) …

A lot of my friends are jealous that I work in porn. I mean what young male wouldn’t want to look at chicks sucking dick and pornstars cumming all over other pornstars everyday? It’s not a bad life. And it’s a lot easier for me to keep up with who’s hot in the cum in my mouth industry. So I decided I’d put together a Who’s Hot in the Porn Industry post. Just to help the peeps out that don’t get to read porn news everyday and see all the new porn sites and stars that are out there. Here’s a quick list of some super hot pornstars.

Kate’s Playground

Next Door Nikki

 Jesse Jane

 Ginger Jolie

 Alison Angel

 Lia 19

 Rachel Aziani

 Amanda Lexx

 Dream Kelly

 Linsey Dawn McKenzie


Some more hot pornstars…but I was tired of cropping photos…sorry.

Raven Riley
Melissa Midwest
Terry Lightspeed
Krystal Steal

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