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Joanna and the Burning Angels

How has Joanna Angel not started a band by this name?

As y’all know, nothing gets are dicks dancing better than Alt Girls, and Joanna is the queen of Alt Girls. Joanna isn’t just another pornstar, either. She’s a fucking legend. Not only does she direct and star in her shit, but she is the brains behind the Burning Angels, the internet’s leading AltGirl sites.

Oh, wait… did I mention that she’s fucking hot as hell? Beating off to Joanna is a damn treat.

I tell you what though… Joanna can’t steal lemons for shit.

Catch Joanna up in Vegas at the XFanz Show June 10-11th, too.

I Must Weigh in on Michelle “Bombshell”

Everyone knows I like celeb gossip more than any straight dude should, so the fact that I’m throwing my hat so late into the Jesse James – Michelle “Bombshell” shitshow is a bit depressing. What?! Is it my fault Pornzio has been away for a year? (Maybe)

When news came out about Jesse James fucking Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, my first thought was, “How’s Ashley Madison going to spin this for PR?” In case you missed it, Ashley Madison offered Tiger $5 million to be their spokesman in yet another genius move.

Needless to say, no one was surprised when “Bombshell” popped up on the great cam site, OnHerCam. Nor were we surprised to find out she’s a Nazi who has been fucking ol’ dude for almost a year. Kudos to OnHerCam for promoting the shit out of her, though. Pretty damn genius.

In other news, I should make sex with Sandra Bullock.

See her fingerbanging herself on OnHerCam – Video

Free Porn Friday…


Aight…I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted a free porn friday, but it’s time to bring it back. I mean what else should you be doing on friday? Anyway…I’m pimpin my hawk these days so I figured I’d do a free porn friday punk edition. Hope you’re into it. If not…hit me up in comments and I’ll hook you up with a customized free porn friday. late



God’s Girls Launched…

It’s been a long time since I first saw the myspace page of God’s girls. I was pumped to see something with hot tatted girls coming out without all the suicide girl drama. Not to mention these girls feel more real. They’re definately hot and really that’s all that matters to me. The new site has flash chat rooms, message boards, personal email addresses and did I mention Hot Ass Naked Tattooed Chicks? I mean it’s very much a naked version of myspace, but I’m okay with that. I’m very intrigued and unless someone sends me a free password soon I may have to actually break down and pay for the fucker.

Check out God’s Girls and also the Preview Video

Girls of Myspace…

I know we’ve all been getting sick of hearing about myspace and how big and awesome they are. 80 Million people and all that bullshit, but today there is a reason to love myspace. Today Playboy launched Girls of Myspace on their Cyber Club site.

The craziest thing about it is that I actually know one of the girls that got featured in the magazine. BettyLipstick is one of the hottest women I’ve met since I moved to San Francisco and once you check out the photos you will surely agree with me. It’s hard to rag on myspace when there are this many hotties just ready to take their clothes off on the site. I mean check out this gallery of girls that submitted photos just to be looked at for the playboy shoot.

Sign Up to see all the Nude Photos of Myspace Girls

Free Porn Friday…

So what could be better for friday than Free Porn that you can jack off to. I came across this awesome pinup photography site today. The photographer’s name is Amy Rivera and she takes some amazing, yet super sexy photos. What is truly amazing to me though. Was the fact that not only is Masuimi Max hot as hell in all of these photos. But this blonde girl who’s posing with her looks a lot like the secretary in the movie Bad Boys. Yep, the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence flick. The one that turns out to be the big drug dealers ex girlfriend. I can’t find her info in IMDB but still…it looks just like her. Trust me.

Anyway, here’s some hot sexy erotic and sometimes nude pin-up photos to get the blood flowin down under. Enjoy

Amy Rivera’s Hot Pin-Up Photography

Suicide Girls…

Now I know there has been a lot of bad press about lately. Girls quitting the site and taking down some of the photos. But I really have to say “Who the fuck cares?” Are there still hot ass naked pictures of gorgeous tattooed girls? Yes! There are fucking tons of them. I mean if you were so obsessed with one girl who happened to quit. Just look at all the photos that you saved on your hard drive and get over it.. The site is still what it was. Lots of gorgeous women. They still write journals, the photos keep coming, and it’s still really cheap. What more can you ask for?

And if you’ve been hiding under a rock Here are some of the Suicide Girls

a few of my favorite girls: