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Japanese Bikini Babes Dance for You

I’ve come across a lot of really hawt videos lately of Japanese bikini babes. The pic above is of Atsuko Okamoto, btw. Isn’t she sexy? Kinda messy and crazy looking. She’d want to fuck you long after you’d be done. I’d take nodoz to keep up, though. Trust.

Do you like to watch Asian girls dance? Here are some Japanese bikini sluts dancing just for you: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Want more? Check out this flickr group devoted to Asian bikini club photos.

Have fun this weekend. I hope you all get laid by hot Japanese girls. I’m on my way to Japantown in San Francisco, as we speak. xoxo

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My Idol Maria Ozawa

Do you jerk off to Japanese girls? Maria Ozawa is one of the hottest AV idols on the scene. When I used to work for a Japanese porn company, we purchased a crapload of her videos to distribute. Alas, I don’t think she likes the girls that much. And you know what that means. No licky-loo for you know who!
More fucking porn than you could imagine!

If you want to look more deeply into those big beautiful, French-Japanese eyes, I’ve found some free porn videos for you to enjoy. Check out this, this, this, this, and this. You can stalk read more about this exotic beauty on Wikipedia.

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Free Lodging (and sex) in Japan


So I feel the need to do some undercover journalism. I found Keiko today and her proposition. She claims to be a japanese student in tokyo that offers young…under 35 years old (sorry)…white guys free lodging in her small apartment. Here’s what her site says:

Hello my name is Keiko and I live in Tokyo in Japan. I have a nice apartment in Ochanomizu and you are welcome to stay with me if you are UNDER 35 and YOU ARE NICE LOOKING and YOU ARE WHITE. You can save your hotel cost (a lot in Tokyo!) and we can have fun! – but ONLY if you are a white guy. I do not want asian men, sorry.

What do I get??
I can have some fun sex with Europen, and American guys… what I love – they are very sexy and yummy! – Japanese men are pigs. Also, I want to practise my English with you, please.

Who am i?

I am student attending University of Tokyo, what is near Akihabara – studying IT and English subjects also. My studies are about 20 hours of time a week. My parents pay my apartment – and I can do anything because I am living alone. What else do I like? Yes, I like sex! Yummy yummy (My parents live in Osaka and they do not know! haha!). Also, I like music (Malice Mizer is my favourite), to drink too much (Shochu!! – Japanese drink), and I love all of my friends! I hate: studying – yuk – I want to finish studying and start travelling! I am 26 this year and so I want to travel. I am want to go to Australia first.

Other things?
YOU MUST BE UNDER 35 (I don’t want to have any men that are too older then 35 years old – I do not want my father!) ALSO, YOU MUST BE GOOD LOOKING AND BE WHITE – I LOVE WHITE GUYS. Yay! (^_^)

So like I said I had to find out more about this. So I wrote keiko to find out about the other million races she left out that aren’t asian or white. I asked her about myself…which I am mexican and white…so I should be able to participate half way at least right? Anyway I’ll definately post anything she writes back on here. This is fun. I really did send her a photo of myself so we’ll see if she says i’m an ugly fucker or not. Here’s what I wrote her:


My name is CrackaAss and am really curious about one thing. I realize that you’re into white guys and not asians, but you’ve left out a lot of races with that statement. I’m half mexican and half white and would consider myself good looking. I’m wondering where I’d stand on your list and if I would be applicable due to my race? I’ll be travelling to Japan in December and would love to have lodging arrangements taken care of :)

I’ve gone ahead an attached a photo for you to go ahead and judge me. Hope to hear from you soon


Obviously this could be some 12 year old japanese boy putting up a site to fuck with all of us stupid americans, but still it’s funny none the less. When I think about it being a joke I always think of this awesome commercial.

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Tokyo Fetishes…

Tokyo Fetish

You could say that Asian Porn is my “specialty.” I know pretty much every asian porn site out there and have watched enough freaky fetish stuff to know what the fuck is out there. The only thing I lack is actually going to japan and trying some of these freaky things out. I mean I’m not going to let chicks fart in my face, and I don’t want to check out chick’s saliva either. But I may want to check out a few of these places. I found this link on BoingBoing and it shows you the names and a photo of tokyo’s fetish clubs. Find what you’re freaky fetish is.

But if you need a quick asian fix check out these sites:

Fuck that Asian and Mr Chew’s Asian Beaver 

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