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Golden Girls Gone GILF

Yes. It’s exactly what you think, my GILF & Celeb Fake enthusiasts.
Licky Licky Loo for Grandma's Hoo!
It all started with a sassy curator named Lenora Claire. After buying the infamous nude oil panting of Bea Arthur, Lenora realized how much people were still in love with the Golden Girls tv show. People were clamoring to purchase the painting off of her. She decided to commission a group of artists to create erotic Golden Girl art and curate an exhibit.

The art is fantastic. Above is just a taste of what you’ll see if you visit the gallery.

The show is open to the public at the World of Wonder art space at 6650 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. There’s a $5 donation for entry, but that’s a small price to pay for something this rad. You can even add them on myspace here. …and flickr, here.

And to my Pornzio readers, “Thank you for being a friend. Traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true. You’re a friend and a confidant. And if you threw a party. Invited everyone you ever knew. You would see, the biggest gift would be from me. And the card attached would say, Thank you for being a friend.”

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Lacey of SYTYCD Hits Her Head on Danny’s Ballsack

Did anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance last night? Lacey and Danny were learning a new Viennese Waltz routine. In one section, she’s supposed to slide underneath him and duck her head. Lacey was almost all the way through, and her head knocked up (hard) and hit his junk. Lacey started giggling and said, ”My head hit Danny’s goodies!” Whatever. I know at least 20 gay men who would have loved to be in her position. P’okay!

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American Gladiators – The porn version


I got so happy last week when I saw that ESPN Classic had picked up American Gladiators. I fucking loved this show when I was a kid. I used to make my dad stay up all night and wait til the show came on at midnight. I started watching it again, and can’t believe how horrible and ummm fruity the costumes were back then. Can’t believe I thought these people were cool. Regardless…miraculously today I found the porn version of american gladiators. They had like a whole set with all the cool obstacles and everything. I only found this portion but it’s still amazing. The contestants run through the maze blind folded, then have to suck off the real cock. This has to be japan made. Good stuff.

American Gladiator Porn

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“…But Above All I’d Like To Thank God”

Miss Tennessee won Miss USA 2007 just now. She looks just slightly more conservative than our last drunken winner. The highlight of the event was the speech by Tara Conner (Miss USA 2006) on her way out. First off, she forgot to wear a bra. …which is awesome. She came out wearing a form fitting red dress and pranced around with her breasts flopping about. She had a Vaseline smile as they played a pre-recorded tape of her mentioning how she owed her life to Donald Trump. …thanking him over and over for giving her a “second chance“. bah!

I hate that her last pretty moment as a spokeswoman was spent apologizing. She’s smokin and was acting her fucking age! Pretty girls should never have to say that they’re sorry. Just my 2 cents, I suppose.

Here’s hoping that Tara Conner ends up in Playboy and that Miss Tennessee gets her drink on. Cheers!

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Does Jenny Lee from Beauty & The Geek do Adult Modeling?

I was going through XBIZ World Magazine and saw an attractive adult model sporting a flirt4free tank top on page 136. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s Jenny Lee from Beauty & The Geek. This photo was taken at the Video Secrets Anniversary party at the Playboy Mansion. If you’re a fan of this show, please help me confirm if this is in fact the same girl.
wtf?! Is Jenny Lee from Beauty & The Geek a wannabe Pornstar?!

At least Megan Hauserman (another Beauty & The Geek contestant) was honest about her work for Playboy. Every time her name popped up, you’d see “Playboy Model” underneath. Hell, it’s something to be proud of. I love her for it!

I just think it’s strange to hide adult modeling if you’re going to agree to be on a mainstream reality tv show. Own up to what you do. Be proud of what you do! After I saw her pic in XBIZ, I also saw Jenny Lee on MTV’s show NEXT. If she’s not a wannabe pornstar, she’s at least a reality tv whore.

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Spanish Television

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with telemundo, but growing up with a mexican grandma you can’t help but to watch horrible spanish soap operas. The good side was hot how women were on these stations. It’s like they just had the hottest women line up and the ones that gave the best head were picked to be in soap operas. Not to mention there are just random tv shows where people dance, you have midgets, or you just have chicks in thongs for no reason. I love spanish television. I’ve put together a few of them for you here. Some are mexican and the others i believe are brazilian. Enjoy






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I’m the next American Idol


For the past 6 years I have debated on whether or not I should try out for American Idol. I’m not the best of singers, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t pretty fucking sexy. Isn’t that what really counts anyways? I mean, most of those kids are no talent ass-clowns, but they get to Hollywood based on their looks. Each year some one asks, “Toph, are you going to try out for American Idol?” And each year I respond, “No, I’m going to be fucking.” Yes, fucking is more important to me than winning American Idol. Well, that was until a few years ago when it was announced that Paula Abdul had sex with one of the contestants. Why wasn’t I made aware that I could Rush Rush into Paula’s vag? Or, that we could take two steps forward and one step back in the bedroom? Those are the only Paula Abdul songs I know, sorry. We all know that she loves her some weed, at least it appears so. After hearing that story, I figured that I, like Paula, could blend both my love for American Idol and my love for pokin’. Then from out of the skies, I found Desperate Popstars. I love desperate chicks. These chicks may be the worst singers ever, and isn’t that the best part of American Idol anyways? They are also really fuckin’ hot, and have lots of sex. There may not be a better combination, but yes, there’s more. The two dudes sound like Borat mixed with a donkey. Think about it. So, let’s recap, shall we? Bad singers, Borat, hot chicks, fucking, and Paula Abdul naked… oh wait… never mind.


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Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have Lesbian Kiss on Dirt

That’s right, Dirt fans! Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are going to give you the lesbian action you’ve been hoping for all these years. Set your Tivos, DVR’s, and the like.

Courtney Cox has been wanting to kiss Jennifer Aniston Lezzy Style for Years! I can't wait to see this episode of Dirt!
You know that Courtney has just been waiting years to find a reason to kiss Jennifer lesbo style. Haven’t we all?! I wish that they’d just come out already, buy a house together, and adopt an Asian baby.

Dear Courtney and Jennifer:

You girls are so cute! I know that your secret love for each other has been on the back burner for some time now. I feel your pain. Now is the time to let your fans know. Be brave! Lesbian love is hot and more accepted than it used to be. In addition to it being super sexy, it would boost your celeb status 10 fold. TV needs a new celeb-lesbo-power-couple. It’s the right time to come out, ladies. Brangelina has nothing on your sex appeal. Fuck them!

You Go Girls,


P.S. Cournifer?!

The infamous lez kiss should happen on the season finale of Dirt (which runs on the FX channel). Jennifer will play a lesbian editor at a rival celeb magazine. If you can’t wait until March, check out this archive of photochopped celeb pics. They make all your fav celeb babes look mad dirty.

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Katherine Heigl…

Katherine Heigl

If you don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy you’re a retard. I know you’re probably sick of the doctor shows and so am I, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch the only show that has super hot female doctors. I mean most of my dreams I’m thinking about while I’m jacking off are about the girls from Grey’s Anatomy. Today it’s all about Katherine Heigl who plays Izzy. Just her character is hot. She was a lingerie model to put herself through school and is now a doctor. So she’s smokin hot and super smart. I love it. She has her own website that shows off her assets, but she needs to fire her designer cause he put up the ugliest photo of her as a main attraction. Regardless she has hot photos in Maxim and FHM. There are plenty more but those are just a couple of my favorites. She would definately be on my list of celebrities I’m allowed to fuck. Thanks Kineda

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