Beach Sex Secrets: Being Naughty On The Sand

Who doesn’t dream of going to the beach in summers, and especially when you are with your partner, the HOTTEST possible experience is beach sex. Yes, but you should know that Beach Sex is not as romantic and hot as it is portrayed in movies, neither it is as difficult as it might sound if you do not exactly know what it is like to have beach fuck.

We all know that there are dedicated beaches where you can have sex without hassle, these beaches are sometimes called nudist beaches where you can take off clothes, roam nude publicly and have nude beach sex. What if you are visiting a regular traditional beach? You can still have sex on the beach.

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Beach Sex Tips

Follow the tips below and you should be good to go!

  1. You must find out whether having nudist sex on the beach is legally permitted or not where are you are going to be, on any beach where sex is not allowed you may have to pay some penalty in case of violation.
  2. Sex positions for beach fuck should be chosen carefully, go for the one that keeps your body far from the ground so that you don’t accidentally enter the sand in your genitals, which can harm your genitals. Doggy and Cowgirl sex positions can equally be good if its nighttime and your movement’s visibility is not a problem.
  3. Choose night time to have sex when the evening is almost over. Most of the people who visit beaches would return after sunset. This way you will not have to cover yourself to avoid any strange looks chasing you, and you will be able to take your time during foreplay which will make your beach fuck a great one.
  4. Take two towels: Bring one towel to put down on the sand, it saves your genitals from the sand and the other towel to clean your body after you have sex.
  5. If possible, do not schedule the beach fuck on the first day you visit the beach, it’s better to observe the beach routines and return to the beach the next day with full preparation. This practice is not required if the beach is private or a nudist beach.
  6. Installing a temporary camp around the area which you have marked to have fun can be a blessing. It creates privacy and saves from the breeze.
  7. Don’t forget that after having sex, you don’t have to go back to the hotel or the guesthouse to take bath. Do it right there like a ritual and you would love the whole idea of beach sex even more.
  8. Try to get dressed in light-weight lose summer clothes, because while having sex in any public place it is always a great idea to wear clothes which are easy to remove and wear. Also, it might help your partner feel more romantic about you.

Some Beach Voyeur Videos

It’s time for some amazing beach voyeur videos which can help you get an idea of what the atmosphere might be on the beaches around you.

You can avoid having to deal with all the obstacles if you follow the above advice, not causing yourself and others to suffer a lot.
Happy Beach Fucking!


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