Bored? Try Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

The advantage of the cowgirl sex position which is also known as the woman on top sex position is that the man’s weight is not on the abdomen of the lady. This position is ideal for pregnant ladies as there is no pressure on the lady’s abdomen, the position is also perfect for anal riding.

What is Cowgirl Sex?

Any sex position in which the lady gets on top of her sex companion during sexual activity and faces away is called the cowgirl sex position and thus the sexual activity is called cowgirl sex. Its the kind of sex in which most commonly the female is facing ahead and usually has variations like reverse cowgirl, reverse missionary or anal riding.

In this position, the male partner commonly pushes his back with his legs closed, while the women partner straddles him, normally in a bent position. The lady inserts the man’s erect penis into her vaginal area or ass. The cowgirl position is considered as one of the most prominent sex positions by ladies because it provides control over the rhythm and velocity of vaginal excitement and also the duration and intensity of penetration.

In any of the woman-on-top positions, the lady is generally the active companion throughout sexual activity, in addition to pleasing herself, she can stimulate or massage the man, specifically if his legs are widespread. The woman might stay in this position throughout sexual activity, particularly if the man has acquired orgasm while she has not yet finished her orgasm.

Cowgirl Sex Positions

If you liked the idea of cowgirl sex then you might be thinking how to ride a man? Follow the positions explained below to have fun:

Cowgirl Position

The male lies on his back, with the lady straddling him across his hips facing forward, either in a squatting or kneeling posture. With the lady in the resting or leaning back positions, the male may additionally touch her nipple areas as well as clitoris with his fingers, or suck on her nipple areas if she inclines in the direction of him or he raises his upper body towards her.
In this position, the lady can proceed with the up and down motion after the man has actually attained orgasm until she gets to the climax. Later on, she may break down onto the man’s breast, with her vagina being really sensitive to additional excitement. On the other hand, if the lady reaches orgasm prior to the man, the lady might elevate her hips to make it possible for the man to proactively penetrate upwards or the couple may transform to a setting which makes it possible for the man to proceed final penetration, such as the missionary position.

Reverse Cowgirl or Amazon Sex Position

In the reverse cowgirl or amazon position, the lady straddles the guy dealing with the male’s feet in a squatting or kneeling position. By transforming her setting and thrusts, the female can alter the degree of excitement for the man, while concurrently stimulating her clitoris or the G spot. When planting her feet rather than stooping, still encountering away from her companion, the setting is recognized as reverse Eastern cowgirl.

Reverse cowgirl sex too is a bit dangerous like Shower Sex but HOT and adventurous at the same time, try them both and see what you like more!

Cowgirl Sex Tips

  • Put Pillows beneath to obtain height
    Cowgirl sex often entails bouncing up and down at a fast and crazy speed. Sure, you can reduce it down and also grind your clitoris versus your partner’s penis and also hips, but it’s just a matter of time before he is going to want you to jump once more. I get it, it’s more pleasant for the other person and they should have to really feel excellent.
    So, to include some extra lift, take 2 cushions and also stick them under each knee. This is most effective with sofa pillows, as they are much less squishy than your resting pillows. Your companion still gets the complete series of activity, but you don’t need to jump as high.
  • Lotus sex position is a good alternative
    It’s tough to avoid cowgirl sex permanently even if you do not like it. This is where Lotus sex position comes into play, Lotus is a great alternate to cowgirl due to the fact that you’re still ahead and being a little hot. To pull off lotus, have your partner sit up on the bed as well as straddle him or her so you’re resting one-on-one.
    You can rock back and forth for optimum clitoral stimulation, all while being in control. Considering that you have the ability to passionately construct while you’re doing it, it includes an additional layer of affection that is really sensuous.

    The position most commonly connected with the lady on top is frequently called the cowgirl or riding placement, In that placement, a guy commonly exists on his back with his legs shut, while the female partner straddles him, typically in a kneeling placement dealing with either onward or back, and either the guy or female inserts the man’s erect penis into the lady’s vaginal area.

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