Hands Free Orgasm: The New Era of Masturbation

Hands Free Orgasm is a way of autoerotism and includes various techniques to achieve ejaculation without touching the penis or vagina. We will also discuss the newly discovered Erotic hypnosis method.

We are all aware of the techniques and methods out there that we use regularly to please ourselves and our sex partners. Today, we are going to talk about new ways to achieve the same goals but in a more unique way. Hands play an important role in all kinds of self-pleasing sex exercises but the same is possible even without our hands. Yes, it is possible!

Hands Free Orgasm Tips

There are multiple ways to a no hands cum experience:

  • Ask your partner to do it for you: You may benefit from your partner’s hands or mouth without using your own hands. Ask them politely if they would like to help You for a hands free cum. He can perform a Yoni Massage on her while she can give him an amazing blowjob.
  • Use sex toys: The hands free masturbation is also possible with the use of sex toys. Get a vibrator, preferably a hands-free version and use it to reach an orgasm.
  • Try Coregasm: A coregasm is a type of orgasm that happens during a workout. It happens when you engage the muscles to stabilize your core, which eventually contracts the pelvic floor muscles too and results in an orgasm.
  • Erotic Hypnosis: An erotic hypnosis is a method that is usually performed under the supervision of an expert hypnotist. You may also get assistance from Youtube videos which are specifically designed to perform erotic hypnosis. These videos are available for both genders and can be found easily across the internet.

Could not get a hands free cumshot?

There might be multiple reasons as to why You may not have been able to achieve a hands free masturbation. Here are few:

  • For a lot of You people, it may not be possible to get success in the first attempt and some of you may succeed in the first time, stay optimistic because it is completely normal.
  • Maybe because You believe that orgasm is all about penis and vagina? Well, that’s not true! Orgasm is about senses, all of them. Use Your imagination well and You can succeed in achieving an intense hands free cum. Ask Your partner to perform a golden shower in front of You, that would excite you and probably help you with a hands free ejaculation.

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