Shower Sex Tips: Unsafe but Passionate type of Sex!

Shower Sex is not safe! It involves the danger of slipping, eating soap accidentally or facing a condom leakage if you were not using a water-proof condom. Shower Sex should not be confused with the Golden Shower which is a type of kink in which you or your sex partner urinate on each other. Shower Fuck can be combined with Golden Shower or can be performed individually.

Precautions of having sex in the shower

We might look at ourselves as sexually adventurous people and there might be plenty of atypical things we want to do in between the sheets, but shower sex does not fall among them. Does that sound like you too? Well, Movies and Erotica depict Shower Sex to be passionate, which means that if you’re not having sex in the shower, you are not romantic.

Below are some cons or dangers of shower sex:

  1. There is a high risk of you falling
    Imagine you are in a shower and there is soap everywhere. If you try to get physical… you will certainly slip and either damage a hip or seriously damage your face versus the sink.
  2. The difference in height MATTERS
    If you and also your sex partner have various elevations, which you possibly have, the awkwardness of sex body organ mismatching will certainly end up being shatteringly clear.
  3. Shower SEX is not naturally wet
    It’s enjoyable to presume that shower sex is a wet and lubricated activity, it’s completely a myth!
  4. No possibility of Oral Sex
    Giving or receiving a blowjob is almost always impossible in shower sex because the floor is usually hard ceramic which is painful to push your knees against.
  5. Soap is not edible (unless you use one)
    When you’re attempting to be charming to each other, things you had going on will certainly be changed with a burning feeling if you accidentally swallow some amount of soap.

Tips for a Better Shower Sex

We discussed above that Shower Sex is hard, however honestly, the benefits exceed the challenges. Follow the below tips to have a great shower fuck experience.

  1. Have the stuff to grab on to so that you do not fall
  2. Water Proof Sex Toys
  3. Edible Soap in case you eat some soap accidentally
  4. Non-Stick Mats inside the tub
  5. A well-placed step sticker on the edge might function as a perfect footrest if you’re having sex in the tub

The primary concept of shower sex is to enjoy and have fun with your partner, so be secure and do what really feels excellent to you.


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