What is Swingers Lifestyle? Guide for First Time Swingers

Some 20 years ago, when the Internet was not so common, The Swinger LifeStyle was considered a highly confidential lifestyle. Today, pop culture continues to show us the existence of the swinger lifestyle through movies and the Internet while at the same time we still don’t know if we have a swinger friend or a swinger colleague.
Swingers lifestyle is for those who are in a long-term relationship but still feel the need to get excited in unusual ways while not cheating on their partners.

Is Swingers Lifestyle Real?

Swinger Lifestyle is very popular at the moment, as popular as it never has been. This swing lifestyle gives you the opportunity to share your sexual feelings and experience with other people in the presence of your spouse(only if both of you agree).
Do not underrate the risk that your relationship with your spouse may get in trouble if you do not talk to them in the first place about your desire to get them into the swinger lifestyle.

Where to find Swingers?

There are multiple websites and communities both online and offline that can make you part of the wife swap sex.
They are usually in form of websites and swinger clubs where people meet and prospect about each other before they finally meet in a swingers party to know others better and be friends.

Types of Swingers Lifestyle

  • Soft Swinging
  • Closed Swinging
  • Open Swinging

Soft Swinging

Soft Swinging is a swinging style in which you can engage with other couples through all kinds of sexual activity except sexual intercourse. You choose to touch and kiss other partners in the presence of your own partner and even perform amazing oral sex but, you will not engage any kind of sexual intercourse with anybody but your long-term partner. Sensual Vaginal Massage can also be a part of the soft swinging practice.

Closed Swinging

In Closed Swinging, the couples engage in all kinds of sexual activity including sexual intercourse with other couples. This is the most common type of swing which swingers engage in. Most suited to the people who are a bit shy and cannot expose themselves to many strangers.

Open Swinging

This is the swinger relationship that you might have seen a lot in porn videos. It can be a threesome, foursome or even an orgy where two or more couples engage openly in sexual activity with NO LIMITS. Spice up your orgy party with the kink of golden shower to have more fun.

Advice for first-time swingers

  • As first-time swingers, you should have sex only with couples about whom you are sure that they have no health issues that can be transmitted sexually. Because like in any other kind of sex, it is important to be aware of sexually transmitted diseases if you do not use condoms. Protect yourself against diseases and also protect your partner!
  • An error that most first-time swingers commit while choosing a swingers’ community is that they do not consider what kind of kink or taste they might like before comparing different swinger clubs and parties. You too have to see which club or community meets your needs and style, as there will be many websites and communities that may not ideally fit into your taste and what you might be looking for.
  • When you feel that your partner is unsatisfied with the Swingers Style, it’s time for you to go back. What might be working for you might not work for others, do not insist.


The reality is that the Swinger Lifestyle or Wife Swap Sex is no longer a taboo but a real existent lifestyle, but because it has privacy aspects, it is not publicly displayed and thus not seen.

It is also worth mentioning that many bisexual men and women love the swinger lifestyle because it allows them to experience sexual intimacy with other women and men while their own partners are present.

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