Extremely Sensual Yoni Massage: You’ll Crave For More!

Yoni Massage is an ancient Indian tantric practice of sensual massage that is related to lingam massage. Yoni massage is different from the Lingam massage as it is targeted towards the female body while the other is for men’s sexual organ also called Lingam in the Sanskrit language.

This vaginal massage has nothing to do with orgasm or intercourse and is a therapy that helps a woman feel valuable and respectful while exploring her body in an emotional way.

Yoni too is a word of the Sanskrit language which means Sacred, Sacred Opening or Sacred Temple. Thus, the sensual yoni massage describes women as producers of human life.

The Benefits of Yoni Massage

The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Relaxation
  • Recovery from sexual trauma
  • Deep Pleasure
  • Intimacy

While it is possible to get orgasms during this vaginal massage but it is not a mandatory part of the practice to ejaculate.

Preparation for Yoni Massage

  • Being comfortable is the key: If it is the first time that you are going to experience the deep pleasure through this kind of female massage, You would have to prepare yourself mentally first.
  • It is also important to be in the perfect massage position to massage the Yoni, three pillows would be required to balance the body and legs in an ideal posture. A first pillow under the back, second under the head and the third under the feet once you’ve folded your knees. Now, open the legs so that the vagina can be fully exposed for an extremely pleasant sensual massage.

There are different variations in the styles and methods you can use to please your own or your partner’s vagina:

  1. Cupping: Shaping the hand like a cup and circling it around the vagina while flattening it slowly to create pressure.
  2. Circling: Use the fingertips to circle the clitoris both ways
  3. Tugging: Use thumb and index finger to hold and tug vaginal lips. Hold, Tug.. Release.. Repeat!

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Lotus Position

The position normally adapted for Yoni massage is Lotus once you reach a medium rhythm of the massage.

This sex position is suitable for both scenarios:

  • When You’re practicing Yoni Massage therapy by yourself
  • When You are with Your partner and He is there to let You experience the sensual vaginal massage

Put your waist in a straight position and cross your legs, take long breaths with regular intervals while You massage your clitoris. If you are with your partner, try to breathe together, it will make you feel that your massage will be better.

If you are with your partner, sit in front of him in the lotus sex position and then tell him to perform G Spot massage on you. The G spot is the most sensitive part of vagina and should be stimulated only once the initial momentum has been set.

Yoni Oil Is Important

Use a lubricant like Yoni oil to smooth the fingers for ease and pleasure and when the fingers are fully inserted, massage slowly and then inside the vagina, feel this soft part that is right behind the clitoris. Once found, it should be massage slowly. The clitoris can be massaged simultaneously with the other hand if you both want.

Don’t Forget Edging

A very useful control technique is Edging which asks you to stop once you feel that you are likely to reach the climax of your sexual pleasure and finish with an orgasm.

Rest for a few minutes and resume again the G spot massage, this way when you finally get the orgasm, it would be much stronger and pleasant.

If you are interested in professional assistance for Yoni massage therapy, You should find a tantric expert near You who can help you experience tantric sensual massage and other magical therapies.

We know that you loved Yoni massage, a centuries-old tradition that traveled through Indian culture for a long time before it reached us.


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